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male 20-55 y/o Wales PACT Equit


Suitable for Black, Mixed Race, Asian, Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, Latin and / or Hispanic males, aged 20-55.

For a new TV series shooting in South Wales, we are looking for males between the ages of 20 and 55 to play club-members.

The Requirements:

You must be male.

You must be aged 20-55.

You must be a black, mixed race, South Asian, East Asian, Latin, Hispanic, Middle Eastern, or Mediterranean Artiste.

You must have a natural look, free from: visible tattoos, piercings, brightly-coloured hair dyes, skin fades, undercuts, contemporary ‘short back and sides haircuts’, etc.
You must have good general availability between the listed filming dates.

You must have good access to the South Wales area / Bridgend.

*Please note that exact filming dates are TBC although applicants are requested to have good general availability from mid October 2023 to early February of 2024. If selected, the correct date(s) will be provided and checked with you prior to booking.

Please make sure that you have recent photographs uploaded to your profile, and that all information and measurements are up-to-date. If you are suitable our casting team will be in touch.


Gender Male
Age Age Range 20-55 y/o
Filming Locations Wales
Filming Dates 16-10-2023 - 09-02-2024
Non Performance Locations Bridgend / South Wales
Pay Rate PACT Equit
Catered For Yes
Status OPEN

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This [was] my 2nd job with Uni-versal Extras; really love this company. Fantastic team, very nice people and fun. [I'm] enjoying it a lot.

Nimalathus | Supporting Artiste on Tesco's 'Helping You Become More Christmas' Campaign with Uni-versal Extras

Tesco 'Helping You Become More Christmas'

I loved the experience! Yes, long day, but as I am working full time in a completely different industry, for me it's a day of discovery. Seeing all behind the scenes, meeting new people, listen to stories, watching etc. It is a real treat. Plus you get paid, which is even better. Thank you!

Martina | Supporting Artiste on Tesco's 'Helping You Become More Christmas' Campaign with Uni-versal Extras

Tesco 'Helping You Become More Christmas'

Every job I have done, I have loved the people I have met. l am looking forward to more, more, more!


UVE Extra

[This was my] first time as a supporting actor. The whole experience was both interesting and very professional. Never been to “Hair and Makeup” before - that was certainly a first. Really looking forward to being on set on Monday for filming. I’ve been very impressed with Uni-versal Extras' administration throughout, particularly with the breakdown of the invoice within a few hours of being on set.

Ian | Supporting Artiste with UVE on Three Little Birds

Three Little Birds

Great to work on Three Little Birds. Thank you, Uni-versal Extras. Looking forward to next time!

Christopher | Supporting Artiste with UVE on Three Little Birds

Three Little Birds