Choir Service

male female non-binary 16-110 y/o Wales £200 p/d


Suitable for Black Artistes who perform as part of a Gospel Choir.

For a new Film shooting in Monmouth, we are looking for Gospel choirs to take part.

The Requirements:

You must be a Black Artiste.

You must be part of a Gospel Choir.

You must be willing and able to attend filming with the members of your Gospel Choir (£200pp).

You must be available for the listed filming date.

You must have good access to Monmouth, Wales.

Please note that each participating Artiste will receive a rate of £200.

Please make sure that you have recent photographs uploaded to your profile, and that all measurements are up-to-date. If you are suitable our casting team will be in touch.

Days left to apply: 2


Gender Male, Female, Non-Binary
Age Age Range 16-110 y/o
Filming Locations Wales
Filming Dates 05-12-2023 - 05-12-2023
Non Performance Locations Monmouth, Wales
Pay Rate £200 p/d
Catered For Yes
Status OPEN

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This [was] my 2nd job with Uni-versal Extras; really love this company. Fantastic team, very nice people and fun. [I'm] enjoying it a lot.

Nimalathus | Supporting Artiste on Tesco's 'Helping You Become More Christmas' Campaign with Uni-versal Extras

Tesco 'Helping You Become More Christmas'

I loved the experience! Yes, long day, but as I am working full time in a completely different industry, for me it's a day of discovery. Seeing all behind the scenes, meeting new people, listen to stories, watching etc. It is a real treat. Plus you get paid, which is even better. Thank you!

Martina | Supporting Artiste on Tesco's 'Helping You Become More Christmas' Campaign with Uni-versal Extras

Tesco 'Helping You Become More Christmas'

Every job I have done, I have loved the people I have met. l am looking forward to more, more, more!


UVE Extra

[This was my] first time as a supporting actor. The whole experience was both interesting and very professional. Never been to “Hair and Makeup” before - that was certainly a first. Really looking forward to being on set on Monday for filming. I’ve been very impressed with Uni-versal Extras' administration throughout, particularly with the breakdown of the invoice within a few hours of being on set.

Ian | Supporting Artiste with UVE on Three Little Birds

Three Little Birds

Great to work on Three Little Birds. Thank you, Uni-versal Extras. Looking forward to next time!

Christopher | Supporting Artiste with UVE on Three Little Birds

Three Little Birds