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male 25-38 y/o North West £150 p/d


Suitable for male football players, aged 25-38.

For a new Music Video shooting in Greater Manchester, we are looking for males aged between 25 and 38 with experience playing football.

The Requirements:

You must be male.

You must be aged 25-38.

You must be available for the listed filming dates*.

You must be a confident football player, with experience playing as part of a team (friendly 5-aside, amateur or otherwise).

You must have good access to Greater Manchester.

Please note that Artistes will be required for just one of the listed filming dates.

Please make sure that you have recent photographs uploaded to your profile, and that all measurements are up-to-date. If you are suitable our casting team will be in touch.


Gender Male
Age Age Range 25-38 y/o
Filming Locations North West
Filming Dates 18-06-2024 - 24-06-2024
Non Performance Locations Greater Manchester
Pay Rate £150 p/d
Catered For Yes
Status OPEN

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I was double for one of the main characters. I was treated really well, we were doing a kiss scene and it was fairly private. It was nice we get to chat with the doubles that were there [and] to be interacting with them rather than being kept separate as some places do. All the actors were all lovely.

Georgia | UVE Supporting Artiste on Hollyoaks with Uni-versal Extras


Great day today on the shoot in East London. Happy to have been booked on a Universal Extras shoot again :) Big thanks!

Matthew | UVE Supporting Artiste on We Are Lady Parts - Series 2

We Are Lady Parts - Series 2

I was a supporting artist and had a featured role in a couple of scenes. Having Guy Ritchie watch me personally was great. Can’t wait to see the film!

Paul | UVE Supporting Artiste on The Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare with Uni-versal Extras

The Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare

My first job with Universal Extras was working on The Gathering, at Gino D'Acampo’s sky bar in Liverpool. It was a glorious day. We were all dressed up, the sun was shining and you could see the ships on the waterfront coming in. Was a good day and good experience 😊

Martin | UVE Supporting Artiste on The Gathering

The Gathering

Love meeting the staff, the extras, and working doing different parts. Hoping to do more!

Leslie R. | Supporting Artiste with Uni-versal Extras

UVE Extra