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male female non-binary 16-110 y/o Yorkshire & North East PACT Eq


Soon to be casting individuals with good access to York.

For a brand new TV Series shooting in York, we will shortly be casting individuals of all ages for various roles.

The Requirements:

You must have good general availability between April 22nd and April 28th, 2024.

You must have good access to York, North Yorkshire.

*Please note that filming dates are TBC, however Artistes are asked to have good general availability between April 28nd and 28th of 2024. If selected, the correct date(s) will be provided and checked with you prior to booking.

In preparation, please make sure that you upload a recent photograph of yourself to your UVE Artiste profile and ensure that all measurements are up-to-date.

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Had a great couple of days filming on location in Hertfordshire through UVE on this. [I was] working with four other SAs as band members in a scene fronted by a well-known actor. It was a good opportunity to bring my keyboards along and synchronize our playing to a backing track - it's the first time I've done that as an SA. The cast and crew were all lovely, too. Thanks UVE!

Gary | UVE Supporting Artiste on Avoidance - Series 2

Avoidance - Series 2

An amazing experience. Lovely crew and cast, and brilliant fun dressing up as lots of different characters. One of my best experiences as an SA!

Diane | UVE Supporting Artiste on Timestalker


😍 One of the Dukes mourners. Fab shoot in the rain on the Badminton Estate. From costume to catering (including the lovely Joely Richardson), it was an absolute pleasure. Best catering ever, too.

Kathleen | UVE Supporting Artiste on The Gentlemen

The Gentlemen

Delightful two days filming on this. I was in the boxing scene in episode 1 - bunches of SA’s on the scene. Pleased to get quite a few seconds of my mug on it! Looks a winner on screen. Bravo!!

Martin | UVE Supporting Artiste on The Gentlemen

The Gentlemen

Very professional production team. SA food & staff were top notch, transport top notch. There was a very good team who organised things so well. Everything ran smoothly & I salute them for their catering staff who work so hard to keep the team fed - as well as all of us SA's.

George V | Supporting Artiste on Timestalker | Uni-versal Extras