Sky High

male female non-binary 16-110 y/o Scotland PACT Equit


Soon to be casting Black, Mixed Race, Middle Eastern, Mediterranean, Asian, Latin & Hispanic Artistes with good access to South Scotland.

For a new Feature Film taking place between Edinburgh and Glasgow, we will shortly be casting Artistes of all ages for various roles.

The Requirements:

You must be a black, mixed race, Asian, Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, Latin and/or Hispanic Artiste.

You must have good general availability between the listed filming dates.

You must have good access to Edinburgh & Glasgow.

In preparation, please make sure that you have recent photographs uploaded to your profile, and that all measurements are up-to-date.

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Had a really great experience on this. Crew were professional and really nice - 3rd crowd AD was really helpful and supportive!

Tom D. | Supporting Artiste on Sexy Beast with Uni-versal Extras

Sexy Beast

A most happy featured Artiste. Costume & make-up [were] so chatty and up beat, lunch was great, but best of all - the leading cast members made me so welcome. They really made sure we were relaxed & happy on set.

Peter W. | Supporting Artiste on Sexy Beast with Uni-versal Extras

Sexy Beast

I've been happy with Uni-versal Extras. Jobs have been regular, and all my jobs have been interesting and educative.

Justina | Supporting Artiste with Uni-versal Extras

UVE Extra

I thoroughly enjoyed the experience of being part of this production. I met very interesting people working as SA’s. They were very friendly and offered a lot of help and advice. I felt that there was a lot camaraderie between all the SA’s. I had a great time even though it was a long day but, when you are among nice people, the day goes quickly. The people involved in the production from the director to the actors were really nice and helpful. I would to thank UVE for putting me forward for this job and again for your support during this production!

Juan | Supporting Artiste with Universal Extras | One Life

One Life

I love working with this agency they have given me such amazing experiences. I look forward to many more in the near future!

Georgie | Supporting Artiste with Uni-versal Extras

UVE Extra