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3D Character Scanning

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Building a gaming experience that requires an extensive catalogue of characters? No problem

Here at UVE, we’re excited to be at the helm of breakthrough technology helping productions create the most authentic and immersive gaming experiences conceivable.

Working hand-in-hand with partners wielding the most-advanced scanning tech that the TV and Film industries has ever seen, UVE supplies a stellar selection of hundreds of thousands of varied, diverse and skilled Artistes, enabling on-screen realism you have to see to believe.

Courtesy of Clear Angle Studios

What is 3D Character Scanning?

3D Character Scanning is the process of using Photogrammetry to produce hyper-accurate, full-body or head and shoulders scans of real world Artistes.

This high resolution, 3-dimensional scan can then be used to populate digital environments with ease, as well as with astonishing detail and accuracy.

Working with Uni-versal Extras grants you unfiltered access to the UK & Ireland’s Largest Database of Artistes, and a selection of hundreds of thousands.




The art and science of extracting 3D information from photographs.

The process involves taking overlapping photographs of an object, structure or space and converting them into 2D or 3D digital models.

Why Use 3D Character Scanning?

How Does 3D Character Scanning Work?

It’s simple.

You call us; we find you the Artistes you need.

Leave it to us to liaise with a nominated scanning partner, handle all image-rights management, on-day logistics and costume requirements – you’ll then receive your scanned files and usage permissions all within your designated deadline.

3D Artiste Scanning :: Uni-versal Extras

Who Can Use 3D Character Scanning?

3D scanning technology has limitless practical applications. In fact, it can be used to benefit:

  • 🎬 Film, TV & Commercial Production
  • 🎶 Music Videos
  • 🎮 Gaming
  • 🖥️ Technology
  • 🤖 Even Machine Learning and/or Artificial Intelligence training

Why Uni-versal Extras?

Based at Pinewood Studios and operating across the UK & Ireland, supporting clients globally, UVE’s services are uniquely placed right in the epicentre of the UK’s biggest Film & TV production hub.

Similarly, we’re lucky enough to be within reach of all major studios granting us fantastic access to some the biggest special effects bases – the country over. Simply put: we can support 3D character scanning just about anywhere in the UK!

In addition to proximity, we also currently hold the biggest Artiste database in the UK & Ireland, giving you the best selection of Artistes to work with. Simply let us know what you need, and we’ll coordinate the rest – we’ll conduct thorough casting searches, orchestrate all usage rights documentation, compile your digital assets – the lot!

“Loved working with UVE.

It’s immediate access to people of every single age group, look and skill you can think of — all in one place.”

– Dominic Ridley, Clear Angle Studios

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