UVE Client App

Intuitive and easy to use, the UVE Client App allows you to manage our Artistes electronically with instant digital reporting for a paperless and stress-free experience!

The UVE Client App for managing Extras and Supporting Artistes on set :: Uni-versal Extras

Explore the Features of UVE Client App…

Core Features

The UVE Client App is available for iPad via the App Store or using our Web Portal.

  • Manage your production anywhere on the go –
    • Work online with an internet connection; OR
    • Work offline and sync your data once an internet connection is established
  • Payments are calculated automatically (no calculator needed!) –
    • Each Artiste receives a digital chit via email at check-in and check-out, providing them with a full breakdown for every production day

Configured to Your Production Needs

  • Our App supports multiple AD Users per production, with each given a secure login for the App
  • The App supports multiple Units; we can restrict User access by Unit if required
  • Allow Teams to manage different Units simultaneously or on different devices
  • Select from a Union Pay Scheme OR your own bespoke agreement
  • Assign specific Pay Schemes to specific Units if required
  • We offer a digital solution if Artistes must agree to production specific T&Cs or COVID-19 protocols
  • iPads with stands, hand straps and 3G/4G connectivity can be provided

In-Day Features: Instant Reporting

  • Unit Reports are sent immediately when a Unit is closed; the Primary AD will also receive a Full Day Activity Report, incl. all Units, when the final Unit for a day is closed
  • Every report contains a line by line breakdown per artist
  • Reports are in .csv format, so they can be easily edited or sorted if required
  • Fresh reports can be requested from the App at any time