I don’t have a smart phone or tablet so can’t get the app. How do I get access to my profile?

You can navigate back to our old website and login as before by clicking here.

Why have I stopped receiving your daily emails?

We no longer send daily job emails, but our Jobs Board is updated daily for you to view and apply for jobs.

Where do I upload my show reel or audio clips?

Unfortunately, we do not currently require Extras to upload show reels or audio clips, unless specifically requested by a member of the Casting Team.

Will Uni-versal Extras act as a reference for me?

As an Agency, sadly we are unable to provide references for our Extras.

Where can I find the latest version of your Welcome Pack?

For the latest version of our Welcome Pack, click here.

Where can I find your Terms and Conditions?

To view our Terms and Conditions click here.

I know my ’email address’ and ‘password’ are correct but I am unable to log into my profile?

Please note that with our new website, you use your ’email address’ to log in, not your old username. If you still have trouble accessing the website, please click here and scroll down to access our ‘forgotten my password’ feature.

Are travel expenses paid?

This depends on the type of production, however, you will always be contacted by a member of the Uni-versal Extras Casting Team before accepting the job and told if travel expenses are being paid.

Is all your work paid?

Yes, all work through Uni-versal Extras is paid. For further details on pay schemes and agreements, please visit the Money page.

How do I access and apply for jobs?

Log in to your profile and visit the Jobs Board to view the current opportunities we have listed. Only fully-activated Extras are able to see the full details for each posting and apply.

Please make sure that you read the full description on any posting to ensure that you fit the criteria and are available before you click the ‘apply for job’ button.

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