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Why Become an Extra?

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What is an ‘Extra‘?

How many times have you been to a shopping centre, restaurant, doctor’s waiting room, concert or birthday party and found that you were the only person present? Never, right?

This is where Extras come in.

An Extra (sometimes referred to as a Supporting Artiste [SA], or a background actor) is a person selected to help populate the background of TV, Film and commercial scenes to make them feel/look much more realistic.

Any time that you watch something where there is background action happening behind the main cast on-screen, each one of these people has been carefully selected and placed there by the production team.

Most of the time, these roles don’t require any dialogue – but often do require a certain ‘look’. This to make sure that each Extra blends naturally into the environment they are building on-screen.

Crowd Scene :: Uni-versal Extras

Why Become an Extra?

Uni-versal Extras is the number 1 Extras agency for placing people (like you!) in Feature Films, TV and Commercial productions across the UK & Ireland.

With our head office at the heart of the prestigious Pinewood Film Studios, Uni-versal Extras are perfectly placed to offer you opportunities working as an Extra or Supporting Artiste in the world’s most exciting industry.

If you’re looking to earn money working in flexible, part-time roles, then Extra work may very well be the perfect fit for you.

Whilst we do have many talented actors and performers on the books – Extra work is accessible to all and requires absolutely no prior acting experience. In actual fact, getting started really is as easy as downloading the UVE Artiste App and simply building your very own Artiste profile!

Truth be told, there are so many reasons to love being an Extra that it’s hard to know where to start.  

But we’ll do our best… 

Never Have the Same Day Twice 

No groundhog days here. Visit different shoot locations, chat to new people on set, and take part in everything from action thrillers to period dramas. 

Flexible Hours That Suit You

Only work when you want to. Extras are able to pick and choose the projects that make time for other responsibilities and commitments.  

Make Great Friends

Get to chatting to fellow Artistes on set and become part of a vibrant, ever-growing community that spans the length of the UK. 

Don’t Get Stuck In One Place 

Love to travel? Register your interest in multiple locations across the UK & Ireland to receive mobile updates on roles & productions near where you are right now! 

Be Part of the Shows You Love

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of spotting your own face pop up on Netflix, nestled amongst the stars. Bragging rights well-deserved. 

Thrive in a Creative Environment 

Immerse yourself in an environment where creation is around every corner and work alongside both established and future TV/Filmmaking trailblazers. 

No Need to Stress About Meals or Travel 

With many productions providing on-set provisions, you can enjoy free catering and even sometimes receive a supplementary fee for your journey to and from filming locations (depending on individual production’s Ts&Cs) 

Want to hear some more? Why not delve a little deeper into how it works, or…

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This [was] my 2nd job with Uni-versal Extras; really love this company. Fantastic team, very nice people and fun. [I’m] enjoying it a lot.

Nimalathus | Supporting Artiste on Tesco's 'Helping You Become More Christmas' Campaign with Uni-versal Extras

Tesco ‘Helping You Become More Christmas’

I loved the experience! Yes, long day, but as I am working full time in a completely different industry, for me it’s a day of discovery. Seeing all behind the scenes, meeting new people, listen to stories, watching etc. It is a real treat. Plus you get paid, which is even better. Thank you!

Martina | Supporting Artiste on Tesco's 'Helping You Become More Christmas' Campaign with Uni-versal Extras

Tesco ‘Helping You Become More Christmas’

Every job I have done, I have loved the people I have met. l am looking forward to more, more, more!


UVE Extra

[This was my] first time as a supporting actor. The whole experience was both interesting and very professional. Never been to “Hair and Makeup” before – that was certainly a first. Really looking forward to being on set on Monday for filming. I’ve been very impressed with Uni-versal Extras’ administration throughout, particularly with the breakdown of the invoice within a few hours of being on set.

Ian | Supporting Artiste with UVE on Three Little Birds

Three Little Birds

Great to work on Three Little Birds. Thank you, Uni-versal Extras. Looking forward to next time!

Christopher | Supporting Artiste with UVE on Three Little Birds

Three Little Birds

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