After coming across a magical lamp with a mystical genie lurking inside, Aladdin begins his adventure. Can Aladdin salvage his relationship with Jasmine and his undying love for her after she realises he isn’t all he appears to be? 

Director Guy Ritchie
Cast Mena Massoud, Naomi Scott, Will Smith
Production Company Disney
Year 2019
Filming location(s) Surrey and Berkshire

Casting A Whole New World for Arabian Adventures

Uni-versal Extras provided extras and supporting artists on Aladdin, feature film.

Filming for Aladdin took place across Surrey and Berkshire, our extras may have known this production as ‘Sunlit’. 

When watching Aladdin, keep your eyes peeled for…

Prisoners, Townsfolk, Palace Servants, Harvest Festival Guests, Prince Ander’s Servants, Trumpet Players, City Guards, Tambourine Players, Tannery Workers and many more! 

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Thank you for giving me the opportunity to work on Aladdin for 10 days - really grateful for that!



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