The Boy with the Topknot

The Boy with the Topknot is a TV film based on the critically acclaimed memoirs of journalist, Sathnam Sanghera.

Director Lynsey Miller
Cast Sacha Dhawan, Deepti Naval, Anupam Kher
Production Company Kudos Film and Television
Year 2017
Filming location(s) Birmingham

Casting in Birmingham

Uni-versal Extras cast extras and supporting artists in Birmingham for The Boy with the Topknot BBC TV movie. In addition to supplying a range of extras in supporting roles, the casting agency also supplied a body double for one of the actors.

When watching The Boy with the Topknot, keep your eyes peeled for…

Business Men & Women, Sikh Wedding Goers, Teenagers, Professional Couples and more!

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I had a fab day on set, it’s fascinating to see something transform from set to screen. Even walking about in the rain for deep background shots turned out to be hilarious fun. Thank you!


The Boy with the Topknot

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