Britannia Series 3

Britannia is back for its third series! The Romans vs Celts epic returns and follows the fight against the mighty Roman Empire!

Director N/A
Cast Gianni Calchetti, David Morrissey
Production Company Amazon Studios
Year 2021
Filming location(s) London

Casting TV series Extras in London

Uni-versal Extras provided extras and supporting artists in various locations including Bovingdon, Wembley, Dorset and more for Britannia series 3 TV Series.

When watching Britannia Series 3 keep your eyes peeled for…
Roman cavalrymen, Roman soldiers, Roman surveyors, Celts, Cimbri Tribe, Aulus foot soldiers, Belgae Tribe, Construction workers, Celt diggers, Villa staff, Acolytes, Blacksmith, Tavern soldiers, Druids, Celtic dignitaries and many more roles. 

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What an amazing experience! I played a Slave chopping down trees in the woods with cuts and scars on my face and arms. It was very cold as we filmed into the night, only wearing robes as our costume. During filming, two members of the main cast came running out past me. It was a great production with great Supporting Artists. Looking forward to the new series.


Britannia Series 3

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