This tells the thrilling story of individuals from all over the world coming together to compete in an illegal street race, being held through the night. The partakers race from London to Scotland with the ultimate aim of gaining freedom from the totalitarian government that is, Curfew. 

Director Colm McCarthy and Christopher Smith
Cast Sean Bean, Ike Bennett, Adam Brody
Production Company Tiger Aspect Drama Ltd
Year 2018
Filming location(s) Manchester and Scotland

Casting Racing Radicals For TV Adventures

Universal Extras provided extras and supporting artists on Curfew, TV series. 

When watching Curfew, keep your eyes peeled for…

Boisterous BMX’ers, Ward Patients, Delivery Men, Scientists, Security Officers, Punk Rockers, Goths, Groupies, Doctors, Nurses, Race Officials, The Tech Team and a Surgeon!

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