This is England 90

Looking at rave culture in the 1990s, this mini series follows the stories of a group of young people on different paths.

Director Various
Cast Lyra Mae Thomas, Billy Braithwait, Chanel Cresswell
Production Company Warp Films
Year 2015
Filming location(s) Multiple UK Locations

Shooting in Sheffield and the Surrounding Areas

Uni-versal Extras was an extras agency on the This is England 90 TV show, supplying a wide range of background artistes. 

This is England 90 was filmed in multiple locations across the UK with Uni-versal Extras supplying supporting artistes in South Yorkshire, Leicestershire, North Lincolnshire and the West Riding of Yorkshire.

When watching This is England 90, keep your eyes peeled for…

Wedding Guests, Soldiers, people at a Pagan Festival and much more!

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