Florence Foster Jenkins

Florence Foster Jenkins is based on the true story of an heiress in pursuit of her dream of becoming an opera singer, despite having a truly awful voice.

Director Stephen Frears
Cast Meryl Streep, Hugh Grant, Rebecca Ferguson
Production Company Qwerty Films, Pathe, BBC Films
Year 2016
Filming location(s) Multiple UK Locations

Extras Casting in Liverpool, Glasgow & London

Uni-versal Extras was the sole extras agency for Florence Foster Jenkins featuring an all-star cast. The film was shot in multiple locations across the UK including Liverpool, London, Glasgow and Twickenham Film Studios.

In addition to casting all of the background extras and walk-on roles for the production, Uni-versal Extras also held open castings in London in order to source the specific background artists that the Florence Foster Jenkins feature required.

When watching Florence Foster Jenkins keep your eyes peeled for…

Pianists, Ushers, Janitors, Party Guests, Military People, Journalists, Hotel Guests, etc!

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Being an extra for Florence Foster Jenkins has been one of the most amazing experiences of my life and I would like to thank you for giving me the opportunity.


Florence Foster Jenkins

I really enjoyed being on set and was featured in the movie. I had the most awesome day working alongside all of the other lovely extras.


Florence Foster Jenkins

What a privilege it was to watch Meryl Streep perform and Stephen Frears direct!


Florence Foster Jenkins

I just wanted to say a big thank you for giving me the opportunity to work on Florence Foster Jenkins last year. I was so lucky to end up working with two of the main stars in one of the final scenes of the film.

Anna Maria

Florence Foster Jenkins

Thank you guys for the opportunity, I had such an amazing time on set.


Florence Foster Jenkins

This was my first job as an extra and I sat just in front of Hugh Grant and Meryl Streep! What a great day it was - such lovely people everywhere and we were looked after very well.


Florence Foster Jenkins

Thanks for the opportunity to work with such a terrific group of supporting artists and a great crew with superb London locations. Oh, and Meryl Streep of course!


Florence Foster Jenkins

Working as a Verdi Lady on this film was one of the most rewarding experiences of my film career, not only because it was a privilege to be on set with Meryl Streep but also because of the wonderful friendships I made.


Florence Foster Jenkins

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