Hellmann’s ‘Finding Grilltopia’

Finding Grilltopia is a Viral Video campaign for Hellmann’s foods. The series features ordinary people who are subjected to a range of quality dishes in an experience that will shock the taste buds.

Director N/A
Cast N/A
Production Company Hellmann's
Year 2016
Filming location(s) Paris

Casting for Commercials and Viral Vides

Uni-versal Extras was a casting agency for Hellmann’s Finding Grilltopia commercial. 

This Internet Commercial was Cast in London, but filmed in Paris. Uni-versal Extras supplied the ‘burger flipper’.

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I had an amazing time in Paris and learnt how to eat a dozen different burgers. The crew were awesome and Dj BBQ was one hell of a dude. I have to give a massive shout out to Universal Extras who never fail to provide not just jobs but damn good ones too! Thanks again for your support.


Hellmann's 'Finding Grilltopia'

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