Last Christmas

Kate is getting frustrated with her job as a year-round christmas elf, lack of a love life and her over protective mother. Nothing seems to be going right for her but soon her luck begins to change when she meets Tom… 

Director Paul Feig
Cast Emilia Clarke, Emma Thompson, Henry Golding
Production Company Grunewald Films
Year 2019
Filming location(s) London

Feature Film Casting in London

Uni-versal Extras provided extras and supporting artists for the Netflix festive favourite Last Christmas in locations in London.

When watching Last Christmas, keep your eyes peeled for…

Tourists, Drivers, Pub Punters, Hipsters, Dog Walkers, Cyclists, Ice Skaters, Singers, Buskers, Homeless Men and Women and Many More!

Related Testimonials

Thank you so much for putting me forward on this production, it was a wonderful three days and meeting Emma Thompson was the icing on the cake. I got to spend 10 minutes having a wonderful one-to-one; all through each take she would come out and feed me chocolate buttons. Marvellous day and a treasured memory. I enjoyed the whole experience playing the role as Geoff the Mafia Boss, my phone has not stopped ringing from friends and family who saw this great production and my little role with Emilia Clarke.


Last Christmas

It was a cold night and could have been very uncomfortable but the cast and crew looked after us brilliantly. Great fun!


Last Christmas

Thanks so much for the job, I had such a great time. Everything was so well organised and the crew were all lovely. I hope I can do some more work with you in future.


Last Christmas

Being a part of this movie was such an amazing experience. Filming was in central London in winter, but having Emilia Clark walking around the location warmed me up. Plus, I am visible in 'The Cheese' scene. Looking forward to more, and thank you Uni Extras for putting me forward.


Last Christmas

I was involved in my first overnight shoot at Covent Garden, doing a number of scenes on Last Christmas, in the background with Emelia Clarke. It was great fun watching the world wake up to the fact that a film was being made. I even got to have a quick chat with the lovely Emma Thompson whilst the crew set up a new scene. That made the lack of sleep totally worthwhile.


Last Christmas

I had a great day on this shoot. It was my first time being a body double and it was such fun! Met some really lovely people and the Christmas atmosphere was recreated beautifully.


Last Christmas

My fondest memory was on Last Christmas. I loved my three days on set playing the small part of Geoff the Mafia Boss. I also loved the treatment I received from Emma Thompson - she kept coming over after every take feeding me with Chocolate Maltesers! Thank you UVE!

Rene C | Supporting Artiste on Last Christmas | Uni-versal Extras

Last Christmas

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