Legacy: Black Ops

Legacy: Black Ops is a thriller about Malcolm Gray who returns home after a covert government opreation goes wrong in Eastern Europe. Staying in a Brooklyn motel he mentally unravels, but when the walls close in his story may be all he can leave behind.

Director Thomas Ikimi
Cast Idris Elba, William Hope, Monique Gabriela Curnen
Production Company Black Camel Pictures
Year 2010
Filming location(s) Scotland

How was Uni-versal Extras Involved?

Uni-versal Extras was an Extras Agency for the Legacy: Black Ops feature film.

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This was an awesome production to be involved with - it was a rare few days of great weather in Dumfries. Idris was a true pro and a genuinely "good guy". All of the cast and crew were friendly and helpful. The highlight for me was getting to take down Idris with the butt of my rifle!


Legacy: Black Ops

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