No Offence Series 3

Dark comedy-drama about a group of police working the ugliest streets Manchester has to offer. Keeping the streets clean is a hard task but Inspector Vivienne Deering and her team show they have what it takes to tackle anything criminals can throw at them.

Director Catherine Morshead
Cast Paul Ritter, Joanna Scanlan, Will Mellor
Production Company Channel 4
Year 2018
Filming location(s) Manchester

Casting the Mean Streets of Manchester for Crime Dramas

Uni-versal Extras supplied extras and supporting artists for the third series of No Offence TV series. 

When watching No Offence, keep your eyes peeled for…

Civil Servants, Major’s Audience, Wealthy Customers, Medical Staff, Market Goers, Passersby With Dogs, Mosque Attendees, Protesters, Traffic Wardens, Tow Truck Assistants, Couples, Counsellors and Lots of Manchester Locals. 

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