Ordeal By Innocence

Based on the Agatha Christie novel of the same name, Ordeal By Innocence is about the murder of wealthy philanthropist Rachel Argyll. After being arrested, her adopted son Jack continues to ardently protest his innocence. 

Director Sandra Goldbacher
Cast Bill Nighy, Anna Chancellor, Matthew Goode
Production Company Mammoth Screen (OBI) Ltd
Year 2018
Filming location(s) Scotland

Casting Extras & Supporting Artists for BBC Crime Drama!

Uni-versal Extras supplied extras and background artists for the Ordeal by Innocence TV Series. 

When watching Ordeal by Innocence, keep your eyes peeled for…

Party Guests, Party Waiters and Waitresses, Local Villagers, Psychiatric Patients, Hospital Staff, Ambulance Men and the Art Therapist. 

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