Patient Zero

When a horrific pandemic turns most of the world into violent killing machines known as ‘The Infected’, Morgan, finds he is able to communicate with the them, after being attacked. He joins the survivors to begin the hunt for a cure, but time is running out.

Director Stefan Ruzowitzky
Cast Matt Smith, Natalie Dormer, Stanley Tucci
Production Company Screen Gems
Year 2018
Filming location(s) Multiple UK Locations

Casting Crazed Zombies for Terrifying Thrillers

Uni-versal Extras supplied all of the extras and supporting artists for the Patient Zero feature film in London, Essex and Longcross and Shepperton Studios in Surrey. 

When watching Patient Zero, keep your eyes peeled for…

Military Officers, Refugees, Doctors and Technicians, Students, Police, Crazy People and The Infected! 

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