People’s Postcode Lottery | Christmas 2022

To announce their biggest ever jackpot prize of £16.9 million, the People’s Postcode Lottery filled the street’s of London with snow for their 2022 Christmas Commercial.

Keep your eyes peeled for many of our UVE Extras making an appearance!

Director Tom Hooper
Cast Jason Donovan, Jeff Brazier, Danyl Johnson
Year 2022
Filming location(s) London

Commercial Extras in London

Uni-versal Extras provided Extras and Walk-Ons for the People’s Postcode Lottery 2022 Christmas Commercial – starring Jason Donovan, Jeff Brazier and Danyl Johnson.

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I was involved in a 2-day shoot for the People's Postcode Lottery Christmas commercial. This job was my first as an SA and I loved every minute. From meeting with other SAs and hearing their stories about this kind of work to being filmed alongside Jason Donovan, Jeff Brazier and Danyl Johnson (who was incredibly chatty with us all). To also see the range of work carried out (lighting, sound, camera, special effects and much more) was so enlightening. A great introduction to the role of a Supporting Artiste.

Jeff T | Supporting Artiste | Uni-versal Extras

People's Postcode Lottery | Christmas 2022

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