Princess Mirror-Belle – Series 2

Based on the books of children’s author Julia Donaldson, Princess Mirror-Belle is a popular CBBC series which follows Ellen: a young girl who’s reflection suddenly appears to be talking back to her through her magical bathroom mirror.

When this mischievous double then steps through the mirror, shy Ellen’s world is turned upside down as she follows Princess Mirror-Belle on a series of daring and chaotic adventures.

Director Spencer Campbell / Rosie Gaunt-Mathieson
Cast Tallulah Conabeare, Jordan Cramond, Robert Jack, Beth Angus,
Production Company BBC
Year 2022
Filming location(s) North West

TV Extras in the North West!

Uni-versal Extras provided dancers, choir singers and Extras for series 2 of the popular CBBC series Princess Mirror-Belle in Southport and Bolton!

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