Marnie finds herself wandering through the big city, beginning a new life and on a quest to find herself. She’s had X rated thoughts for as long as she can remember, will this be the time she finds out why and what these thoughts mean? 

Director Aneil Karia and Alicia MacDonald
Cast Niamh Algar, Charly Clive, Joe Cole
Production Company Pure TV Ltd
Year 2019
Filming location(s) London

Casting Nude Londoners For Explicit Episodes 

Universal Extras provided extras and supporting artists on Pure, TV series. 

When watching Pure, keep your eyes peeled for…

Tourists, Security Workers, Club Punters, Waitresses, Baristas, Musicians, Naked Men and Women, Caterers, Couples, Bus Passengers, Coffee Shop Customers and Magazine Staff!

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I loved it, actually made it in a couple of scenes as a party goer in the last episode wearing a blue shirt.



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