Purge of Kingdoms

Purge of Kingdoms, parody of “Game of Thrones” follows the story of Eight Kingdoms coming together to solve their conflicting issues and put an end to their battles. 

Director Ara Paiaya
Cast Angus Macfadyen, Lou Ferrigno, Armando Gutierrez
Production Company Blue Fox Entertainment
Year 2019
Filming location(s) Kent

Casting Kingdom Civilians For Spin-Off Comedies 

Uni-versal Extras provided extras and supporting artists on Purge Of Kingdoms, feature film.

When watching Purge of Kingdoms, keep your eyes peeled for…

Tribe Ladies, Party Goers, Nuns, Ladies of the Night, King’s Servant’s, Winterfall Guards, Shire Folk, Soldiers, Knights, Guards and Many More!

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