Quaker Oats ‘100 Reasons to Rise’

Rise and shine, breakfast enthusiasts!

Quaker Oats “100 Reasons to Rise” is a brand new internet campaign talking to 100 people, aged 1-100, to bring us 100 heartwarming stories from households across the UK.

Brought to us by the breakfast brand that fuels our mornings – each tale inspires hope and reminds us of the power to rise above daily challenges; from acing that first meeting of the day, to spreading kindness and overcoming adversity.

Director Photography by: Misan Harriman / Domizia Salusest
Production Company Factory Studios
Year 2024
Filming location(s) London

Internet Campaign in London

Uni-versal Extras provided many Artistes for the Quaker Oats ‘100 Reasons to Rise’ campaign under the working title of ‘Breakfast Campaign‘!

Filming took place at Artistes’ homes in and around the London area!

**Click the image below to explore the campaign in full**

Quaker "100 Reasons to Rise" Hero Image

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