Sexy Beast

Prequel to Jonathon Glazer’s 2000’s hit of the same name, new Paramount+ series Sexy Beast takes us a decade back, revealing the origin stories of the iconic characters Gal Dove, Don Logan & Teddy Bass.

This time around, we’re offered a glimpse into the intriguing criminal underworld of the petty thieves, with James McArdle taking on Ray Winstone’s former role of Gal Dove, and Tamsin Greig stepping into the shoes of Don’s stern older sister, Cecelia.

Director Michael Caleo
Cast James McArdle, Emun Elliot, Sarah Greene, Stanley Morgan, Stephen Moyer, Paul Kaye, Tamsin Greig
Production Company Paramount+
Year 2024
Filming location(s) North West

TV Extras in The North West

Uni-versal Extras provided casting support for the Sexy Beast TV Series in the North West location of Liverpool!

When watching Sexy Beast, keep your eyes peeled for…

Office Staff, Boxers, Passers-by, Party-Goers, A UVE Waitress, Oakmont Customers, Politicians, Clubbers, Film Crew, Restaurant Crowd, Arcade-Goers, Hotel Guests, Gangsters, Football Fans, Football Players, Bikers, Eaton’s Security & more!

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Had a really great experience on this. Crew were professional and really nice - 3rd crowd AD was really helpful and supportive!

Tom D. | Supporting Artiste on Sexy Beast with Uni-versal Extras

Sexy Beast

A most happy featured Artiste. Costume & make-up [were] so chatty and up beat, lunch was great, but best of all - the leading cast members made me so welcome. They really made sure we were relaxed & happy on set.

Peter W. | Supporting Artiste on Sexy Beast with Uni-versal Extras

Sexy Beast

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