Slinger – Caribou Sundays Music Video

Slinger’s music video for the single ‘Caribou Sundays’ is an animated cartoon combining still photographs and computer generated imagery.

Director Edward Tracy
Cast N/A
Production Company N/A
Year 2015
Filming location(s) London

How was Uni-versal Extras involved?

Uni-versal Extras was the extras agency for Slinger’s ‘Caribou Sunday’ music video, supplying Supporting Artistes for a still photo-shoot. The still images of our artistes were then used to create this hilarious and unique looking animated sequence. 

The extras agency supplies extras and supporting artistes for music videos, commercials, viral videos, corporate videos and much more. If your music video needs casting, or if you would like to be cast in a music video yourself, register with Uni-versal Extras today!

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