The Great – Series 2

Based on the life and times of the last Russian Empress, Catherine the Great, The Great takes a look at the life of progressive female leader during the eighteenth century.

With each episode beginning with the asterixed subtitle ‘an occasionally true story’, The Great series 2 dives right back into the aftermath of Catherine’s coup at close of Series 1.

Director Tony McNamara, Ron West, Matt Shakman
Cast Elle Fanning, Nicholas Hoult,
Production Company Hulu
Year 2021
Filming location(s) London

TV Extras in London.

Uni-versal Extras provided casting support for series 2 of The Great starring Nicholas Hoult and Elle Fanning in London (3 Mills Studios) and Kent!

When watching The Great – Series 2, keep your eyes peeled for…

Male and Females Courtiers, Footmen, Sons, Beaters and even a Nicholas Hoult double!

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