The Railway Children Return

Sequel to the beloved 1970s classic, family drama The Railway Children Returns (starring Sheridan Smith) follows Lily, Pattie and Ted – 3 children relocated to the West Yorkshire countryside in order to escape the dangers of the city during World War II.

As they adapt to the quaint Yorkshire village of Oakworth, the children suddenly find they must, too, become carers when discovering an injured soldier hiding in the local railyard.

Director Morgan Matthews
Cast Sheridan Smith, Jenny Agutter, John Bradley, KJ Aikens
Production Company Studio Canal
Year 2022
Filming location(s) Yorkshire & North East

Feature Film Extras in West Yorkshire.

Uni-versal Extras provided Supporting Artistes for The Railway Children Return Feature Film in various locations in the West Yorkshire area, including Haworth and Bradford.

When watching The Railway Children Return, keep your eyes peeled for…

Soldiers, Sergeants, Fathers, GI’s and more!

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