The Rig

From Line of Duty director, John Strickland, comes 6-part thriller series The Rig.

When a crew stationed at the remote Kinloch Bravo oil rig attempt to return to the mainland, a mysterious fog envelops them, leaving them stranded in the North Sea.

Now cut off from all communication with the outside world, the rig must contend with an unknown force that appears to be fighting back.

Director John Strickland
Cast Emily Hampshire, Iain Glen, Martin Compston, Rochenda Sandall, Owen Teale, Richard Pepple
Production Company Amazon Video
Year 2023
Filming location(s) Scotland

TV Extras in Scotland.

Uni-versal Extras provided casting support for the Amazon Video TV series The Rig in Leith, Scotland.

When watching The Rig, keep your eyes peeled for…

Male and female Oil Rig workers!

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