Folk horror Unwelcome comes to us from Irish writer/director Jon Wright.

When Maya (Hannah John-Kamen) and Jamie (Douglass Booth) relocate from London to rural Ireland to escape urban living, they quickly learn that their brand new, beautiful home comes at a price: appeasing the mysterious creatures that live at the foot of their garden…

Director Jon Wright
Cast Hannah John-Kamen, Douglass Booth, Colm Meaney
Production Company Warner Bros.
Year 2023
Filming location(s) South East

Feature Film Extras in the South East of England.

Uni-versal Extras provided casting support for the Unwelcome Feature Film under the working title ‘The Little People’ in locations including Bovingdon Studios and Edlesborough.

When watching Unwelcome, keep your eyes peeled for…

Shopkeepers, Passers-by, Paramedics, Shoppers, Punters at the Irish pub and more!

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