Victoria – Season 3

In the third series of Victoria, we follow Queen Victoria and her husband Prince Albert as their relationship is pushed to its limits and Victoria is encouraged to leave London due to fears of the revolution causing uproar among the community. 

Director Delyth Thomas
Cast Jenna Coleman, Adrian Schiller, Nell Hudson
Production Company Mammoth Screen
Year 2019
Filming location(s) Multiple UK locations

Casting Courtiers for Royal Dramas

Universal Extras provided extras and supporting artists on Victoria – Season 3, TV series. 

When watching Victoria – Season 3, keep your eyes peeled for…

Travel Guests, Ball Room Guests, Brewery Workmen, Irish Workers, Royal Commissioners, Prisoners, The House of Commons Footman, Chartists, Gardeners, Kitchen Maids, Cooks, Dresser Maid, Upper Class Ladies, French Soldiers, Knighted Men, Boxing Spectators, Nurses, Doctors and Female Courtiers. 

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It was a long day standing in a field but interesting nevertheless. The costumes were great and the corset not the least bit uncomfortable. Many thanks for the opportunity to work with you and I look forward to doing more of the same.


Victoria - Season 3

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