Year of the Rabbit

Based in the Victorian Period, this shows a light hearted view on life in the 1880’s, with Matt Berry starring as Detective Inspector Rabbit. 

Director Ben Taylor
Cast Matt Berry, Susan Wokoma, Freddie Fox
Production Company Objective Fiction
Year 2019
Filming location(s) Multiple UK locations

Casting Victorian Townspeople for Period Comedies

Uni-versal Extras provided extras and supporting artists on Year of the Rabbit, TV mini series.

Some of our Extras may remember filming the pilot for this series, Ye Sweeney in 2017. 

When watching Year of the Rabbit, keep your eyes peeled for…

Criminals, Stepney Boys, Dignitaries, Match Girls, Uniformed Police and Many More!

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In episode 1/6 I was an old drunk seen in the corner of the tavern when Rabbit gets drunk and beaten up before his sidekicks rearm him and reveal the secret symbol. Great fun working on this production, I have never been on a location where the director and actors worked so fast. Looking forward to later episodes in which my sister acts as a madam in a brothel. Will this be suitable viewing for the grandchildren?!


Year of the Rabbit

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