People with Disability

This is a photo a happy woman with a prosthetic leg sitting cross-legged on the floor of her home, against her sofa, smiling and looking out of the window, which is out of shot.

Become an On-Screen Ambassador

At Uni-versal Extras, we celebrate individuality. In fact, whether you’re playing the role of a passer-by, a member of a crowd or a role as a featured Extra, our principal aim is to make sure productions can build authentic and inclusive worlds onscreen.

We, alongside the TV and Film productions we work with, go to great lengths to find people of all skillsets, backgrounds, abilities and communities to be part of productions, so, if you’re currently on the hunt for flexible, fun, inclusive work, you might just find that becoming a Film and TV Supporting Artiste could be right for you.

We’re proud to currently represent lots of Artistes who have become on-screen ambassadors for minority disabled communities; improving visibility for wheelchair users, those with sight; hearing or speech impairments; learning difficulties, degenerative conditions, those who have experienced lifechanging injuries, and many other both physical and/or mental impairments.

But we want to make our already diverse database of Artistes even stronger – that’s why we’re always seeking new individuals to help us better represent the nation as a whole. If you’re considering a career in TV and Film, why not join us at Uni-versal Extras?

Uni-versal Extras is one of the leading Extras agencies in the UK and Ireland for supplying Supporting Artistes for Feature Films and TV productions. We’ve cast many thousands of roles and our aim is to provide our amazing Extras with roles that best suit them – and you can now keep on top of these roles from our new UVE Artiste app.

Upload photos, update your measurements, and receive notifications on the very latest roles near you so that you never need to miss a casting call you’d be perfect for!

So, what do you say? Want to get one step closer to appearing in some of your favourite TV shows and upcoming Hollywood Blockbusters?