This is a photo of 3 retired people sitting outside at a Mediterranean cafe table enjoying a coffee and a chat.

Keen to get back into flexible, casual work? Come join us

Now that you’re no longer watching the 9 to 5, you’ll probably find you are busier than ever.

But, if you are finding yourself twiddling your thumbs from time to time and are keen to get back into flexible, casual work, you may very well find that becoming a Uni-versal Extra could work perfectly for you!

You might be surprised to learn that lots of our Extras (or ‘Supporting Artistes’ as we call them) are part of the retired workforce that are looking to dip their toes in a less-demanding and more-accommodating type of paid work.

In addition to great flexibility, we find that our Artistes love to get socialising, and enjoy the vibrant community spirit that is alive and well amongst Extras on set. After all, once cast on a production, you’ll likely be spending quite a lot of time with these people. You’ll have plenty of time to get chatting in the holding and staging areas!

And when we say flexible, we really mean it.

Each new role is advertised next to clear filming or non-production dates – that means you can put yourself forward for the roles that work for your schedule, and simply pass over the ones that don’t.

You’ll learn all about how film sets are run, get the opportunity to take part in some of your favourite shows, and get paid unionised fees to do so.

Before you think ‘surely they won’t be interested in me‘, take a moment to consider the many hundreds of Extras you see on television and at the cinema every day. Those crowd shots don’t just happen by themselves – and you can be a part of the action on set!

Productions avidly seek people to depict real-life communities on screen – and if you’ve got skills and experience up your sleeve, even better! Perhaps you play an instrument, arrange flowers, do woodwork, can fix a water pipe, polish a gemstone, or build a wall? Were you a member of the armed forces or emergency services? We’ve cast many thousands of roles and, let us tell you, whatever your experience, there is a production out there looking for people just like you.

Why not register today and see what Uni-versal Extras can do for you?

Simply download the free UVE Artiste App (on iOS or Android for mobile, follow the easy steps to set-up your profile (yes, we really do need your hat size and glove size – how else can you be fitted to wear a top and tails in a period drama?), upload a few photos using your smart phone, and have a scroll through our Jobs Board.

We’ll also actively find additional work that is suitable for your ‘look’, location & availability – so watch out for our SMS surveys to see if you’re available.

Why wait? Jump onboard the UVE community of Supporting Artistes & Extras today!