Welcome Pack

We hope that you are excited and eager to get started!

This Welcome Pack contains useful tips and info that will help you when creating your profile and using www.universalextras.co.uk. We look forward to offering you opportunities as an extra and supporting artiste in the entertainment industry

Extra Registration Overview

Joining our service is quick and simple with our step-by-step registration process –

  1. Register as an Extra at www.universalextras.co.uk and validate your email
    address by clicking the link in the email you are sent
  2. Complete your basic profile sections – Contact Information, Measurements and
  3. Upload your photos (Head & Shoulders and Full Body (head to toe))
  4. Select a Listing package (non-students only)
  5. Upload any documents we require via your My Documents page such as proof
    of your right to work, proof of student eligibility, etc.

Creating your Profile

Your profile is everything! OK, not quite everything, but it is certainly the most
important factor when it comes to securing work as an extra or supporting artist. When
we use the word ‘profile’ we are referring to the information that is stored for you on our
website that tells us everything that we need to know about you for casting purposes.

When you log in after validating your email address, the website will automatically direct you
to complete your profile step-by-step

Basic Profile Sections

  1. Contact Information
  2. Measurements
  3. Appearance Photo Upload (see pg. 4)

After uploading your photos you will be prompted to upload documents to prove your right to work. You will also be able to complete these additional profile sections –

Advanced Profile Sections

  1. Attributes
  2. Skills & Training
  3. Sports Skills
  4. Wardrobe
  5. Transport & Pets
  6. Notes

The advanced fields can be completed on your Profile Edit page once you have finished the basic registration.

This is where your details are stored and
where you can update your profile 24/7. Click
on a profile section to open the field options.

Tips and advice
1. All the information you provide must be
100% accurate so take care to ensure that you
input it correctly
2. Add both your landline and mobile phone
numbers in the Contact Information section
to avoid missing out on any opportunities
3. Complete as many profile fields as possible
so that we can offer you suitable roles
4. Keep your profile up-to-date at all times –
incorrect information will lead to you missing
out on work and may result in you being
removed from our agency
4. If you arrive on set and the information you provided us was incorrect, you will be turned away by the production and removed from our agency – that’s why it is so important to update your profile regularly

When making changes to your Profile Edit page, remember to click the ‘Save’ or ‘Save Profile’ button to store them.

Section 9: Notes
Occasionally when you view a role on
the Job Board (see pg. 10 for more info)
we may request that you put information
in the ‘Notes’ section of your profile.

Once you have completed the basic
registration, you should complete as
many profile fields as possible via
your Profile Edit page.

Uploading Suitable Profile Photos

Your photos are key! It’s true, a good photo can be the difference between you securing work or not which is why we have to be so picky about what we can and cannot accept – we want to give you the best chance of securing work.

As part of the registration process you will arrive at the My Photos page. Once there you can upload your standard Head & Shoulders and Full Body (head to toe) photos. They must be in our standard format – if we need others we will be in touch.

Uploading your Photos

You can click the Drop files icon to browse the files
on your computer and select the photos to upload.
Alternatively you can drag and drop the files straight
onto the image where it says ‘Drop files’.

Photos must be in a JPEG or PNG format and under 10mb in size.

Please be patient while your image uploads. Once an image has been uploaded successfully the website page will refresh and you will see your photo above the Drop files icon with some additional photo options you must complete.

  1. You must select the Photo Shot Type for each photo using the dropdown selection,
  2. You must set the Standard Head & Shoulders photo as your Main Image

Once this is done, click the ‘Save Photos’ button to save your settings. If you get an error message please rectify the issue and try again.

Why is it so important?

When we put you forward, production staff and maybe even the Director will review
your photos before deciding whether they would like to book you or not.

This Standard Head & Shoulders photo fits our criteria and would be accepted

Photo Criteria
We need two high-quality images of you standing in front of a plain background.

  1. Standard Head & Shoulders
  2. Standard Full Body (head to toe)
  • Stand in front of a plain background
  • Wear unrestrictive plain clothing – all
    your features must be easily viewable
  • The quality must be sharp/not blurry
    and in full colour
  • Look straight into the camera
  • Make sure there is good natural lighting and no distracting shadows

Photo Moderation

All photos are reviewed by our team for quality and content. If they do not meet our criteria or industry standards, we will provide feedback and request new photos. You can check the status of each of your photos on your My Photos page

Pending ApprovalPhotos are awaiting moderation.
ApprovedPhotos have been approved
RejectedThese photos are automatically
removed from your profile.

Please Note: you must select and save a ‘Photo Shot Type’ for a photo to be reviewed.

If rejected your photo will be removed and we will email you to tell you why it was not suitable. On your My Photos page you will see the Drop files icon to upload a new photo. Not receiving our emails? Check that they have not gone into your junk mail/spam folder and add us to your email address book or ‘safe list’ to ensure that you receive future emails.

How to Update your Main Images

You must have an approved Standard Head & Shoulders and Standard Full Body photo (showing how you look now) uploaded to your profile at all times. This means that if your hair length, hair colour or appearance changes, you must upload new photos.

To update your main photos you first need to upload two new photos (one Standard Head & Shoulders and one Standard Full Body.) Make sure that you select the correct ‘Photo Shot Type’ before clicking the ‘Save Photos’ button. You then need to wait for us to moderate your photos.

Once approved you must go back to your My Photos page and change your Main Image to the new photo before clicking ‘Save Changes’. You can then delete your old photo.


Extras work depends on what YOU look like! You must avoid quirky, distracting or messy
photos because that distracts
from the image meaning it can’t
be used to secure you work

  • Professional photos must still meet our standard criteria
  • Once your profile is fully
    activated you can upload up to ten images

1. No scanned photos or webcam photos because the quality will not be good enough
2. No group photos – you and only you can be in the image
3. Do not wear sunglasses, hats or other accessories because we need to see your features
4. No background clutter such as light switches, door frames, clothes on the floor, etc.
5. Do not crop or edit your photos – take the photo correctly in the first place and upload it
6. Do not submit a photo of you on a night out
7. No editing images using programs like Photoshop
8. Do not email us your photos – you must log in and upload your photos to your profile yourself
9. No watermarks of photographer’s names

Photo Examples

Standard Head & Shoulders

Standard Full Body

Things to Remember

1. Use a good quality camera
2. Your Full Body photo must show you from head to toe (including feet)
3. Take all photos in front of a plain white background or clean brick wall
4. Stand straight on in the photo with your back flat against the wall
5. Keep the background clear of clutter
6. NO sockets, light switches, electrical equipment or background clutter!
7. Wear plain, non-restrictive clothing
8. NO sunglasses, coats, hats, etc!
9. Make sure the lighting is good and that there are no distracting shadows
10. NO watermarks or photographer names
11. NO clutter on the floor, i.e. clothes

Follow these simple rules and your photos should be accepted first time!

Right to Work Proof

As part of the application process you will need to upload specific documents to prove that you have the right to work in the UK and/or Ireland. Documents can be uploaded via the My Documents page of your profile.

The right to work documents required will depend on your citizenship status. When you first visit your My Documents page you will be prompted to select whether you are a UK Citizen, EU/EAA Citizen+Swiss or a Non-EU Citizen. Once you have selected your status, you will see text directly below it to indicate the document combinations you need to upload to prove your right to work… it is important that you read this to understand which document types we legally require you to upload.

If your visa does not allow you to work on a self-employed basis, then you will not be able to work for us. It is your responsibility to check the terms of your visa.

Uploading Documents

To upload a document, visit your My Documents page. Once you have selected your Status, scroll down to see the Upload New section. Use the Doc Type menu (pictured right) to select the document you want to upload. You will then see a set of options and help text to provide additional assistance, depending on the document selected.

Make sure that you follow the guidance closely, completing all fields. You should then click the ‘Upload’ button and, if successful, the page will refresh, displaying the newly uploaded document
in the table when you scroll down on your My Documents page

Things to Remember

  • Documents must be in either a JPG, JPEG or PDF format and be under 2mb in size
  • Please ensure that you upload a document that matches the ‘Doc Type’ you select
  • Documents must be legible – if we cannot read the words it will not be accepted
  • Files can be scanned or photographed
  • Documents should be uploaded individually
  • The help text and sample documents are there to guide you – please refer to them
  • Do not email us your documents – you must upload them to your profile yourself

Other Documents

Student Proof

If you have registered as a full-time student, you need to upload proof of your student eligibility. To do so, visit your My Documents page and use the ‘Doc Type’ menu to select either ‘Student Card’ or ‘Proof of Student Eligibility.’

If you have a current student card issued by a university or institute in the UK/ Ireland that clearly states your name and has an expiry/course end date, this will be considered suitable proof. If not, you will need to instead upload a headed letter from your university or institute stating that you are a full-time student and indicating your current course end date. The letter must also be signed or stamped.

Please note that we do not accept letters of offers, enrollment or finance letters, NUS cards or ISIS cards.

Basic Disclosure Certificates

From 1st January 2016, all extras and supporting artistes supplied to work on productions by the BBC, Channel 4, Channel 5, ITV or Sky that involve under 18s must have obtained a Basic Disclosure Certificate to prove that they have no unspent convictions

If you do not have an in-date Basic Disclosure Certificate (less than 18 months old from the date of issue) you can still work for us but not where the certificate is required by the production company.

To upload your certificate, go to your My Documents page and select the ‘Doc Type’, ‘Basic, Standard or Enhanced Disclosure Certificate.’

For additional information, please refer to our EXTRAS Blog.

Getting your Profile Activated

What does it mean to get activated? Once activated you will become part of our casting database to be considered for opportunities working as an extra. You will also be able to apply for jobs on our website. Please note that having your profile activated is a different process to having your photos approved.

Am I ready to get Activated?
I have completed the step-by-step application process
I have uploaded two photos that meet the photo criteria

Choosing Your Listing


After uploading your photos, non-students will be prompted to make a secure payment using a credit or debit card via our website. Advance listings are currently priced at –

• £30.00 for 1 Year (Save £30)

• £50.00 for 2 Years (Save £70)

You may be offered an Early Bird Discount automatically when making your first payment using our website!

Package Details

  • Priority Profile Review and Activation
  • Get Cast First as part of our Priority Casting Database
  • Apply for Jobs Online 24/7 with New Roles Daily
  • Upload up to 10 Photos
  • Be Discovered Directly by our Verified Production Staff

If you have any questions or would prefer to pay your Listing Fee by phone, please call our Activation Team on 0345 0090 344 from 9.30am-5pm, Monday to Friday.

Once complete, your application will be prioritised for activation – profiles are normally moderated within 2 working days. If there is an issue, you will be contacted.

Students Register for Free!

That’s right – current full-time students attending a university, college or 6th form in the UK or Ireland register free of charge. Once your profile is complete and you have uploaded proof of your right to work, a member of the Activation Team will review your photos. If approved, your profile will be reviewed automatically.

To avoid incurring a listing fee, please ensure that you upload proof of your student eligibility to your My Documents page such as a student card or headed letter issued by your university/institute confirming that you are enrolled full-time and clearly stating your course end date.


When your profile is due to expire, you will be prompted to log in and select a new listing. If you allow your profile to expire before renewal, you will no longer be a part of our Priority Casting Database. To ensure that you don’t miss out on opportunities, you must make sure that you pay for a new listing online or by calling our Activation Team on 0345 0090 344 prior to expiry.

If you are a student who has started a new course, please instead upload proof to your My Documents page. We will review and update your listing automatically if your student proof document is suitable *savings are based on the cost of a listing if you do not pay upfront, in which case £60 will be deducted from the first work payment each year

Applying for Jobs

The relationship between you and us is key; once registered you become an ambassador of Uni-versal Extras and we work non-stop to find you paid opportunities working as an extra.

Organisation is important… we need you to be proactive and organised both in terms of the dates and times that you are checked for and in planning your travel to a filming location. You
must arrive on time… no-one ever complains if you’re early!


You must not plan to take out paid
. Due to the nature of
the industry, there is always a chance that
dates and times will change at late notice.
Booking accommodation could leave you
out of pocket.


  1. The Database: our Casting Team use the Uni-versal Extras online casting database and
    will contact you if you are suitable for a role – that’s why your profile is so important!
  2. Applying for Jobs: activated extras can log in and view jobs on the Job Board. If you fit the criteria and are available, click the ‘apply for job’ button to be considered.


You will be contacted by phone or SMS text message if we have any jobs that you are suitable for. That’s why it is so important to have a valid mobile phone number on your profile at all times! If we are unable to get hold of you we will always leave a voicemail and send a text. It is important that you return our messages as soon as possible. Make sure you read/listen carefully and follow the directions given.

We need to hear back from you quickly if we contact you about a role because they are often short-notice and we put people forward on a first come first served basis!

Super Tips

• If you log into your profile regularly you will appear higher in the casting search results, because we assume that extras who log in regularly are more likely to keep their information up-to-date and be actively looking for work.
• When we give you a reference word for a role, i.e. ‘barman’ or ‘villain’, you should quote it whenever you speak to us about that role to save time.
• If you are found to have given incorrect information throughout the booking process or on your profile, you will not be paid and may be removed as an extra of Uni-versal Extras.

Activated extras can log in and visit the Job Board to see the various roles that are available at any one time. If you fit the criteria and are available, click the ‘Apply for Job’ button to submit your details to the Casting Team for consideration.

When you click on an individual job you may see this button instead of the option to apply…

…this means that you have either applied before or that our Casting Team is already considering you for this role (which is a good thing).

What happens when I click ‘apply for job’?
Firstly we review your details to make sure that you are suitable for the job that you have applied for. Extras who persistently apply for jobs that they do not fit the criteria for could be banned from using our system – so put simply… “don’t do it!”


  1. When casting a role the Casting Team may send you a text message to check that you are available. You should follow the instructions given.
  2. The Casting Team will call you to discuss the role in detail and mark you as ‘pencilled’ if you are suitable and available.
  3. Once ‘pencilled’ we will pass your details on to the production for consideration.

*if you are ever unsure whether you are ‘pencilled’ or ‘booked’, please call us.

If we send you a text message asking your availability and you reply, this does not constitute being ‘booked’ or ‘pencilled’ – the Casting Team will always call and speak with you to
discuss the job details first. Checking your availability in this way benefits everyone as it
gives you a chance to ask questions so that you have all of the details you need before
confirming and becoming ‘pencilled’.

Once ‘pencilled’ you must keep the dates free until we know whether you have been chosen by the production or not. ‘Pencilled’ extras should never assume that they are unsuccessful – if you have not heard from us, please call us and we will inform you when we expect to hear back from the production. If there is a serious incident and your circumstances change, you must call us on 07903747452 immediately.

If you are ‘booked’ you will receive a text stating that you are ‘booked’

Be Patient. You will not always be contacted about every job that you apply for. This could be due to a number of reasons, for example there may be an additional requirement that meant you weren’t suitable or the position may have already been filled. Jobs remain listed on the Jobs Board until the final filming date has passed – if you apply you go into a backup list for the role and will be contacted if they require any additional extras at the last minute. Please remain patient and continue to apply for any opportunities that you are suitable for.


What happens when I get the job? First of all we will text or call you to say that you’re booked for the filming dates that we checked you for (this means that you’re booked)

  1. A Job Sheet with some basic details about the role that you have been booked for will be uploaded to your My Documents page. The job sheet is subject to change. We will always contact you to notify you of any changes to a booking, in which case these details will always supersede those on the Job Sheet.
  2. You will receive a text message by 7pm the evening before each filming day with your call details. This text gives you all the important information for your next filming day such as:
    • Call Time (when you must arrive by)
    • Full Address for Filming
    • Contact (who you will meet upon arrival)
    • Anything you need to take with you

Make sure you reply by SMS text with your name when you receive your call details. If you don’t have your call details by 7pm the day before you are due to film, you must call us on
07903747452 – never assume that you’re not
booked just because you don’t receive your call

Pencilled & Booked

Pencilled: we’ve checked you are suitable and available and have passed your details on to Production for their final decision.

Booked: the Production has chosen you for
the role and booked you in for filming.
Call Details

• Your ‘call details’ text message
contains important information like
contacts and addresses, so do make
a note of these
• Bring anything we ask you to take
with you as outlined verbally or in the
‘call details’ text
• You will need to know your National
Insurance NI Number

You should now be ready for your filming day.
Make sure that you get an early night (unless it’s a night shoot) and set a reliable alarm!

The Day of Filming – Important Info

So the big filming day is here! When you arrive on location the first thing you have to do is find the contact we provided you with in your call details.

What is a ‘chit’ or ‘salary voucher’? This is a document that productions use to record who worked on a specific day and what they did. On arrival you will normally be given a chit or salary voucher, which could be in a paper or digital format. If paper, you must fill it in and keep it with you during the filming day, where as digital chits are normally generated in the form of an email which confirms your day details at check-in and check-out. Paper chits must be signed by the 2nd or 3rd Assistant Director (AD) at the end of the filming day. Please always keep a personal record of your hours.

For commercials, music videos and photoshoots you will usually be asked to sign a release form or salary voucher, assigning work and the hours done for them, but you will not receive a copy. If a release form is used you will need to sign it at the end of the shoot.

• Mobile phones must be turned off
• Photos are not permitted
• You must not bring any unauthorised people with you
• Do not post any information relating to a production publicly, i.e. via social media

These would each represent a serious breach of our T&C’s and likely lead to you being ejected from set and not paid.
• Always keep a record of your hours
• You will need to know your NI number
• Be tidy and clean up after yourself
• Make sure you take all your belongings with you when you leave
• Be professional and enjoy yourself!
Any issues
Call Uni-versal Extras –
Don’t call your filming contact
Don’t text as texts can be missed.
You must call us on the
Emergency Line: 07903747452

If you’re late
You should never be late but if something happens and it is
impossible to avoid, you must call us immediately on the
Emergency Line: 07903747452

If you have to cancel
If due to serious unforeseen
circumstances you are unable to make a job you must contact us immediately on the
Emergency Line: 07903747452


If filming overruns you will be expected to stay to complete the shoot. The great news is you will of course be paid overtime – for information on pay schemes and agreements please visit the Money page on our website.

Typical Filming Day as an Extra

The truth is that there is no ‘typical’ day working as an extra – that’s partly what makes this type of work so exciting and enjoyable! Despite this we have put some information together to give you a rough idea of what you can expect.

When you Arrive

Day shoots are generally early starts – having to arrive on set at 6am is not unusual. When you arrive you will meet your contact and be given your chit / salary voucher which you must fill in and keep with you.

Before filming begins, you will be shown to the rest area where you will stay when you are not taking part in filming. This is a good place to relax, read a book and meet other extras before your shoot.

A runner or 2nd AD will come and collect you when you are needed for a scene. Don’t worry, you won’t be forgotten! The type of production you are taking part in, i.e. fantasy, contemporary, period, etc., will determine which departments you visit before filming such as costume, make-up or weaponry

Food is generally supplied and will normally include –
• Breakfast (on early calls)
• Lunch
• Drinks
Don’t spill anything down yourself as it won’t look good on film!
If food is not supplied you will be informed before the shoot day.

Playing the Scene

Once on set for your scene you will be directed by either the 3rd or 1st AD. They will tell you what they expect and give you an opportunity to rehearse before filming starts. Once they are happy that you and all the other extras are capable of doing what they want, the rehearsing will stop and the main actors will be brought on to start filming.

Once everyone is on set and in place the 1st AD will usually shout – “Background Action!” This means that you start doing exactly what you have been rehearsing. “Action!” will then be shouted to give the actors the starting gun to begin acting. At the end of the scene the director will call “Cut!” or “Thanks Everyone!” letting you know that the scene and filming has ended. Don’t stop until you hear these words. More often than not the scene will be repeated several times until the director is happy with the outcome.

After filming a scene, you will be taken back to the rest area until you are needed again. You may be asked to take part in many different shots like close-ups, long shots and mid-shots.

Do Not
1. Rush up and talk to the actors
2. Ask anyone for an autograph
3. Take any photographs
4. Stare gormlessly at the actors
5. Stare into the camera

If you do, you will be asked to leave and you will not be paid. Remember that the actors are there to do a job, like you, so they need to concentrate.

The End of the Day

When the day comes to an end, do not leave until you have been signed out on the chit/ salary voucher. Your main contact will normally be the person in charge of doing this. If using a chit, you will generally be given a copy to take home. The salary voucher or release form will be kept by the production. Please return all props and costumes before you leave.

Getting Paid

It is important that you enter your bank details in the Payment Details page of your profile as this will allow for a quick and easy payment directly into your bank account for any work that you do with us. These details will be used for no other purpose than to pay you. The details you provide are entered into a certified, safe and secure part of our website. Certification to prove this is available by request.

Please take care when inputting all of your information as Uni-versal Extras accept no responsibility if you provide incorrect bank details. If you do provide incorrect details this will delay your payment and you may incur additional charges – please refer to our Terms and Conditions for more details.

Payments are usually made between 2-8 weeks from the date of filming.

Tax Status

When working as an extra, the Inland Revenue view your tax status as self-employed. Tax and National Insurance will not be deducted from your pay.

Remittance Slips

You can access and print your remittance slips via the My Documents page of your Profile. Remittance slips will be generated shortly before or after a payment is made to you.


Uni-versal Extras is an agency, and as such we deduct an agency commission from everything that you earn. Our standard commission is 16%. The agency commission we deduct is subject to VAT as instructed by HMRC.

For more information on all of the above, please refer to our
Extras Terms and Conditions

Frequently Asked Questions

Here we answer some of our member’s frequently asked questions. More questions and answers can be found on our website FAQ page.


How do I join your Agency? Start your application today by creating a profile online on our website. Follow the step-by-step online process to register as an extra – our books are open!

Is there an age limit to join Uni-versal Extras? You must be at least 16½ years of age or older. Please also note that you cannot be at secondary school, but that 6th form and college students over 16½ years of age may register. There is no upper age limit.

I never received my validation email – can I resend it? Yes – visit the Sign In page and scroll down until you see the ‘re-send validation mail’ section, then follow the steps. If you still do not receive the validation email, please check your ‘junk’ or ‘spam’ folder.


How do I know when my photos are approved? You can check the status of all of your photos by visiting your My Photos page. You will also receive an email every time a photo is reviewed.

Why do you keep rejecting my photos? Your photos are the most important thing when it comes to securing work as an extra, which is why they have to be just right. Whenever one of your photos is turned down as being unsuitable, you will receive an email to inform you of the reason(s) why.

Why won’t my photo upload? Please make sure that you are attempting to upload an image file in a JPEG or PNG format that is under 10MB in size.


Can I register as a student if I am studying part-time? No – to be eligible for a free listing as a student you must be studying full time in the UK or Ireland.

I am taking a gap year – am I classed as a student or a non-student? You must register as a non-student if you are not studying full-time, which includes those on a gap year.

My student profile is due to expire but I am starting a new course – what do I do? Please go to your My Documents page and upload proof of your student eligibility such as a headed letter from your university that confirms your full-time student status and course dates. Your upload will be reviewed automatically by our Admin Team and if deemed suitable, your profile will also be reactivated automatically.


Is all your work paid? Yes, all work through Uni-versal Extras is paid. For further details on pay schemes and agreements, please visit the Money page.

Are travel expenses paid? This depends on the type of production. But, you will be contacted by a member of the Uni-versal Extras Casting Team before accepting the job and told if travel expenses are being paid.

I am unable to log into my profile? If you are having trouble logging into our website, please visit the Sign In page and scroll down to access the ‘forgotten my password’ option. This will allow you to reset your password.

Will Uni-versal Extras act as a reference for me? Unfortunately we are unable to provide references for our extras.


What is the best web browser to use? We recommend using Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Safari on a desktop or laptop computer for the best user experience.

I am not receiving emails from you? Please check that they have not been redirected to your ‘spam’ or ‘junk’ folder. You should also add us to your email address book or ‘safe list’ to ensure that you receive future emails.


When and how will I get paid? Payment usually takes between 2 to 8 weeks from the date that you work, depending on when we receive the funds from the production. Once the funds are received by us, the payment will be made to you within 10 working days. All payments are made by BACS transfer to a UK bank account. To avoid any delay in receiving your payment, please make sure that all your account details are always up to date via your Payment Details page.

What is your agency commission? Our standard agency commission of 16% will be deducted from everything that you earn (or in accordance with our Terms and Conditions).

How will I know when I have been paid? Once a payment has been transferred into your account, a remittance slip will be viewable on the My Documents page of your profile.

What Tax or NI deductions will be deducted from my payment? When working as an extra the Inland Revenue view your tax status as self-employed and you are therefore responsible for paying your own Income Tax. Payments will be made to you gross of Tax and Class 1 National Insurance contributions and you must declare these earnings as part of your normal self-employed self-assessment return

Film Speak Glossary

Film terminology can be confusing to the un-trained ear, so we have put together a list of terms that you may hear and their meanings to help you behave like a seasoned pro while on any film set!

1st positions– Your starting position before filming begins
A Take– Recording of a whole scene or a section within a scene
Action– Called to indicate start of filming
Background Action– Call for the Extras to begin acting
Booked– The production has selected you and filming is confirmed
Check-in– Time you should meet your contact to let them know you have arrived
Chit– A form that relates your pay for the day
Cut– Stop filming
Dining Bus– Place where you will eat and wait till you are called
From the top– Starting the scene again from the beginning
Hold the red– Going for another take of the scene
Pencilled– We have confirmed your availability and your details are with the production
so that they can decide if they would like to book you or not
Red light– Don’t enter as filming is going on
Rolling– Film is running in the camera
Salary Voucher– Similar to a ‘Chit’ but you will not receive a copy (you should keep notes)
Set– Environment used for filming
Signing-off– Term used to make sure that the Chit has been signed and correctly filled in
Sound of a bell– One bell sound means shooting. Two bell sounds for “Cut” / end of filming
PeopleWhat they do
Director– Makes final decision on filming
1st AD– Helps to make sure filming runs as smoothly as possible
2nd AD– Part of his job is to hire the Extras
3rd AD– An assistant to the 1st AD
AD– Assistant to the Director
Wrangler– Helps co-ordinate the Extras and background staff
Runner– A hands-on and hard-working assistant

Who to Contact

This page helps you to identify which department you need to speak to and the best way you can contact us, depending on your type of query.

General Enquiries | Artist Support

Email: enquiry@universalextras.co.uk
Call 0345 0090 344 and choose option 3 for Artist Support
Artist Support is available from Monday to Friday (9am-5.30pm)

Registration Queries | Activations Team

Email: activations@universalextras.co.uk
Call 0345 0090 344 and choose option 2 for the Activations Team
The Activations Team is available from Monday to Friday (9.30am-5pm)

Jobs | Casting Team

For queries relating to jobs that you have been contacted about, ‘pencilled’ or ‘booked’ for… call 0345 0090 344 and choose option 1 for the Booking Team The Casting Team is available from Monday to Friday (9am-7pm)

For queries about our Job Board or an opportunity you have seen but not been contacted about, etc., please choose option 3 for Artist Support

Emergency Line

Tel: 07903 747 452 – only to be used outside of Casting Team hours (9am-7pm) Please use the Emergency Line only if you have to speak to someone regarding a role for which you are currently ‘pencilled’ or ‘booked’, or for one of the reasons detailed in this Welcome Pack.

Accounts Queries | Accounts Team

Email: payroll@universalextras.co.uk
You will receive a response within 5 working days.

Advertising Enquiries | Marketing Team

Email: marketing@universalextras.co.uk
If you are interested in advertising with us, please email us with more information.

IT or Technical Queries

Email: enquiry@universalextras.co.uk
If you have a technical query regarding our website, please email us.

Data Requests

Email: data@universalextras.co.uk
For data access or other data related requests or queries, please email us

About Us

Uni-versal Extras is an extras agency with a rich history of supplying extras for major feature films, TV shows, commercials and more. To see what we’ve been working on recently, please visit the Our Production page or view our IMDB credits.

Established in 2005, Uni-versal Extras started as a service just for students, but in 2007 became an agency for all adults with the right to work in the UK or Ireland. You will notice that we sometimes differentiate between students and non-students in this pack, but when it comes to offering you work, everyone is treated the same.