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The Acolyte (2024) TV Series | Uni-versal Extras

The Acolyte

Director: Hanelle M. Culpepper / Alex Garcia Lopez / Leslye Headland / Kogonada
Production Co.: Disney+
Location(s): London, Wales, South East
Geek Girl (2024) TV Adaptation TM | Uni-versal Extras

Geek Girl

Director: Declan O'Dwyer
Production Co.: Netlix
Location(s): London
The Gathering (2024) TV Series Still | Uni-versal Extras

The Gathering

Director: Gareth Bryn / Amanda Blue
Production Co.: Channel 4
Location(s): North Wales, Wales
Dr Who Series 14 (2024) TV Series | Uni-versal Extras

Dr Who – Series 14

Director: Dylan Holmes Williams / Mark Tonderai / Julie Anne Robinson / Ben Chessell / Jamie Donoughue
Production Co.: BBC
Location(s): Wales, South West
Dinosaur (2024) TV Series | Uni-versal Extras


Director: Niamh McKeown
Production Co.: Hulu / BBC
Location(s): Scotland