Introducing The 28-Day Payment Promise!

Posted by William - 29 Feb 2024

When it comes to working as an Artiste for film and TV, we understand that getting paid on time is hugely important. Payment delays just cause unnecessary stress – we all have bills to pay after all!

That is why Uni-versal Extras is proud to introduce the 28-Day Payment Promise from March 1st as we lead the charge for reliable Artiste payments across the industry. This means that when you work for Uni-versal Extras, you can do so safe in the knowledge that your money will hit your bank account within one month of the assignment.

Obviously you still need to have met your obligations… after all, how can we possibly pay you if you have not provided us with your bank details? Continue reading to learn more about the fine print of the 28-Day Payment Promise and how it will positively impact you!

So, what’s new?

What does the 28-Day Payment Promise mean for you?

As an Artiste with Uni-versal Extras, we promise to make sure you receive what you’ve rightfully earned within 28 days, if not earlier, after successfully completing your work.

We have always guaranteed to pay Artistes within 10 days of receiving the funds from the Production Company, but with delays being all too common in the industry (and business accounting in general), that didn’t always guarantee a prompt payment for you.

Under the new 28-Day Payment Promise that has all changed! You will now get paid for the work you complete, even in cases where we are still awaiting payment from the Production Company. Yes, that’s right – even when we’ve not been paid, we’re going to pay you!

This change will bring you greater financial security because you will reliably know when to expect your payments, which will in turn allow you to manage your money with confidence.

❔ Changes To Commission

To support the introduction of the 28-Day Payment Promise, Uni-versal Extras is increasing its Artiste commission by 2%. This means that after March 1st 2024, our commission will be 18% as standard.

This small increase is essential to allow us to continue to operate as normal as we guarantee payments to Artistes where we have not received the funds from the Production Company.

⏰ Are There Any Reasons Why I Might Not Receive Payment Within 28 Days?

Yes, there are certain things that we need from you, the Artiste, to be able to pay you.

The most common reason for delays in processing payments is the absence of your bank details. It may seem trivial, but many Artistes overlook this crucial step – without your payment details we can’t pay you! You need to have a UK bank account to work for Uni-versal Extras and this information must be carefully added to your profile in the Payment Details section.

It is also important to make sure that all the required documentation is completed for your assignments. For example, when you work as an Artiste the Production Company will often have bespoke T&Cs or other documents that become available for you to sign in the UVE Artiste app. If these documentation are missing or incomplete, this may cause payment delays.

Never fear, though, as Uni-versal Extras will notify you via email in both of the above cases!

Top Tip: make sure that push notifications are enabled for the UVE Artiste app on your device, and we will automatically keep pinging you the moment new documents become available for you to complete!

🧮 What Happens If I Raise a Chit Dispute?

Where productions are using chits (digital or paper), Artistes have a short period where they can review and dispute the chit if they notice any information is wrong, e.g. if it’s missing a supplementary fee, if the check-out time is incorrect, etc.

Generally, such disputes are resolved within just a few days, in which case this will not impact your payment timeline at all.

However, in rare cases where a chit dispute is taking time to resolve, the payment or part of the payment may be delayed until a resolution is reached with the production.

Even in such cases, Uni-versal Extras is committed to getting you paid – for example if the dispute relates only to a missing fee, we will always pay the standard rate in advance of the dispute being resolved if possible, and then pay you any missing fee separately once the dispute is resolved.

😅 I Was Booked Before March 1st, but the Attendance Is After March 1st. What Commission Rate Will Apply To My Assignment?

If you were confirmed and booked for a role before 1st March 2024, but your attendance is after that date, your earnings for that job will be kept at the standard 16% commission.

The new 18% commission will be applied for any booking confirmed after 1st March 2024 only.

🎬 What If the Production Company Hasn’t Provided a Chit / Timesheet?

Most productions provide chits within 48 hours of checkout. There are, however, rare occasions where productions do not provide this information in a timely manner.

Our Accounts Team work around-the-clock to ensure that we get all the information needed, and will make every effort to chase the production on your behalf for confirmation of the times worked and any supplements due.

As long as this information is provided within 23 days of the date worked, then the 28-Day Payment Promise will still apply… even if the production has not paid us.

On the rare occasion where a production has not provided the chit / timesheet within this timeframe, you will be contacted and kept informed regarding next steps.

🏦 How Do I Make Sure My Bank Details Are Correct?

Your Payment Details can be checked and easily amended from the UVE Artiste app. Your earnings will always be deposited into the nominated bank account you have added to your profile.

To review or update this info, open the app and head to Profile > Payment Details.

Please take care when entering your bank details. Providing incorrect information will delay your payment and you may incur additional fees as a result.

🆓 What About The Free Listing Fee Pledge – What Is This?

It’s a guarantee for a minimum of 10 days of paid work per year for our Artistes or they’ll get the listing renewed for free the following year!

If you pay a listing fee after the 1st of March 2024, and do not secure a minimum of 10 days of work from UVE in a year, the listing fee for the next year will be completely free.

What If I Joined & Paid My Listing Fee Before 1st March?

The Free Listing Fee Pledge is a brand new commitment that is being introduced from 1st March 2024, and therefore only applies to those who have paid their listing fee from this date.

Although, when it’s time for you to renew your annual listing fee again, you will then be entitled to the exact same pledge!

📃 Updated Terms & Conditions

As a result of the changes outlined in this Blog Post, Uni-versal Extras has updated it’s Extras Terms and Conditions. As always, this and other documents such as our Privacy Policy and Website Use Terms can be viewed on our website at any time.

🤔 Anything Else You Need To Know?

If you would like any further information, or have questions about the 28-Day Payment Promise our Artiste Support Team is, as always, on hand.

Simply send an email to and we’ll be happy to help!

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