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female 30-110 y/o London FAA


Suitable for females, aged 30 and above, with acting experience & own formal attire.

For a new TV series shooting in Syon Park, we are looking for females (aged 30+) that are able to provide their own formal wedding attire to play guests attending a high-end, luxury wedding.

The Requirements:

You must be female.

You must be aged 30 or above.

You must be available for the listed filming date.

You must be able to provide your own formal, wedding-appropriate attire.

You must be willing and able to upload a photograph in your wedding attire to your UVE Artiste profile.

You must have some previous acting experience, comfortable delivering a small amount of dialogue if requested.

You must have good access to Syon Park, Brentford.

To be considered, please upload a photograph of yourself in your wedding attire prior to applying. If you are suitable our casting team will be in touch.

Expires today


Gender Female
Age Age Range 30-110 y/o
Filming Locations London
Filming Dates 24-06-2024 - 24-06-2024
Non Performance Locations Syon Park
Pay Rate FAA
Catered For Yes
Status OPEN

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I was double for one of the main characters. I was treated really well, we were doing a kiss scene and it was fairly private. It was nice we get to chat with the doubles that were there [and] to be interacting with them rather than being kept separate as some places do. All the actors were all lovely.

Georgia | UVE Supporting Artiste on Hollyoaks with Uni-versal Extras


Great day today on the shoot in East London. Happy to have been booked on a Universal Extras shoot again :) Big thanks!

Matthew | UVE Supporting Artiste on We Are Lady Parts - Series 2

We Are Lady Parts - Series 2

I was a supporting artist and had a featured role in a couple of scenes. Having Guy Ritchie watch me personally was great. Can’t wait to see the film!

Paul | UVE Supporting Artiste on The Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare with Uni-versal Extras

The Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare

My first job with Universal Extras was working on The Gathering, at Gino D'Acampo’s sky bar in Liverpool. It was a glorious day. We were all dressed up, the sun was shining and you could see the ships on the waterfront coming in. Was a good day and good experience 😊

Martin | UVE Supporting Artiste on The Gathering

The Gathering

Love meeting the staff, the extras, and working doing different parts. Hoping to do more!

Leslie R. | Supporting Artiste with Uni-versal Extras

UVE Extra