Black Cake

Captivating family drama, come murder mystery, Black Cake leaps onto our screens directly from the pages of New York Time bestseller, Black Cake, by Charmaine Wilkerson.

Unfolding across various locations (including Jamaica, Italy, Scotland, England and more), it centres around the mysterious disappearance of runaway bride, Covey, and a flash drive that will change the life of Eleanor Bennett years later…

Director Zetna Fuentes / Natalia Leite / Tara Nicole Weyr / Mario Van Peebles
Cast Adrienne Warren, Mia Isaac, Ashley Thomas, Glynn Turman, et al.
Production Company Hulu
Year 2023
Filming location(s) London, South West, Wales

TV Extra in London, the South West & Wales!

Uni-versal Extras provided casting support for the Black Cake TV series in locations including: London, Cardiff, Monmouth and Bristol!

When watching Black Cake, keep your eyes peeled for…

Boat Passengers, Boarding House Girls, Protestors, Students, Teachers, Cinema Attendees, London Passers-by, Cyclists, Diners, Joggers, Wait Staff, Beach Party Guests, Convention Attendees, Detectives, Police, Funeral-Goers & more!

Related Testimonials

I was an Extra for the first time on the production of Black Cake, in the WMC. Can I just say what a really enjoyable day it was! The production team were kind, professional, courteous and helpful at all points through what was a long day for them. I found the whole experience to be interesting and well-organised. Thank you all at UVE, and all on set. As an added bonus the food was great, too!

Wil | Supporting Artiste on Black Cake | Uni-versal Extras

Black Cake

Great day spent on this production in Cardiff. I was very surprised to be upgraded on the day from back row of the conference, to playing a graduate in the middle of the front row. I was so impressed by the main actor, who was really brilliant throughout the entire day, and then he thanked everyone as we wrapped for the day. Another memorable day as an SA with Universal Extras.

Trevor | Supporting Artiste with Uni-versal Extras

Black Cake

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