COBRA: Cyberwar

Smash-hit political thriller, COBRA, starring Robert Carlyle, Victoria Hamilton, David Haig and Richard Dormer returns for a second season with COBRA: Cyberwar. Facing both the aftermath of solar and political storm, the Prime Minister and his team of advisers must now contend with a high-profile assassination which reveals a destructive new enemy.

Director Sallie Aprahamian, Mo Ali
Cast Victoria Hamilton, Richard Dormer, Robert Carlyle, David Haig
Production Company Sky
Year 2022

TV Extras in London & Manchester

Uni-versal Extras provided casting support for the COBRA: Cyberwar TV Sky Original Series in London & Manchester.

When watching COBRA: Cyberwar, keep your eyes peeled for…

Hospital Porters, Police Officers, Pub-goers, Soldiers, Paparazzi, Medical Staff, MPs, Swimmers, Café-goers, Protesters, Agents, Press and more!

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