Starring Emma Stone, Cruella is the live-action prequel to the Disney classic ‘101 Dalmatians.’ The film is set in London during the punk rock movement of the 1970s, and follows a young aspiring fashion designer as she becomes the iconic villain, Cruella de Vil.  

Director Craig Gillespie
Cast Emma Stone, Emma Thompson, Joel Fry
Production Company Gunn Films, TSG Entertainment, Walt Disney Pictures
Year 2021
Filming location(s) London

Film Extras in London

Uni-versal Extras was a casting agency for Cruella feature film. Extras and supporting artists were supplied during filming in London.

When watching Cruella, keep your eyes peeled for…
Designer assistant, Liberty doorman, Liberty security, posh parents, police, firemen, baroness bodyguard, runway crowd, mechanic, Viking Ball guests, models, Black and White ball guests, butlers, church goers, punks, and many more!      

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Every time I have worked as an Extra with Universal Extras, I can safely say, has been life improving and enhancing. Each time was a memory I treasure and each experience was priceless. You don't pay for experiences like that. THEY PAY YOU!!! You get to work with the very best in the industry, and if you love filmmaking, well, it's a well earned day out of awesome and crazy moments. I would work with these chaps again in a flash.

Nick C | Supporting Artiste on Cruella | Uni-versal Extras


The quality of the costumes extends to the original 70's tie and pocket handkerchief of Liberty staff. The speed and assurance of some of the visually intricate tracking shots involving multiple SA's was a masterclass. I feel privileged to have been a part of this production.



Emma Stone inherited every particle of her character's spirit and was a very kind person. Endless gratitude to Uni-versal Extras for getting me onto this film. It was such a privilege and it bowls me over to be in the company of such great authentic 70s dressed sets and amazing set creators as well.



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