The Gentlemen

Brand new Guy Ritchie series The Gentlemen is a gripping tale of inheritance, betrayal, and the gritty underworld of crime.

When Eddie Horniman (played by Theo James) unexpectedly inherits his father’s vast estate, it isn’t too long until he discovers that this legacy also comes with some dangerous dealings.

As Eddie navigates his newfound wealth, he’s forced to contend with not only the cunning of rival factions but moral dilemmas all of his own.

Director Guy Ritchie / David Caffrey / Eran Creevy / Nima Nourizadeh
Cast Theo James, Kaya Scodelario, Vinnie Jones, Daniel Ings
Production Company Netflix
Year 2024
Filming location(s) London, South East

TV Extras in London & The South East

Uni-versal Extras provided casting support for the TV Series The Gentlemen in locations including: Knebworth, Alperton Studios, Ealing, Southwark and Southbank!

When watching The Gentlemen, keep your eyes peeled for…

Bouncers, LA Boxing Crew, VIP Guests, Members of the Congregation, Landlords, Punters, Cannabis Workers, Mourners, Passers-by & more!

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😍 One of the Dukes mourners. Fab shoot in the rain on the Badminton Estate. From costume to catering (including the lovely Joely Richardson), it was an absolute pleasure. Best catering ever, too.

Kathleen | UVE Supporting Artiste on The Gentlemen

The Gentlemen

Delightful two days filming on this. I was in the boxing scene in episode 1 - bunches of SA’s on the scene. Pleased to get quite a few seconds of my mug on it! Looks a winner on screen. Bravo!!

Martin | UVE Supporting Artiste on The Gentlemen

The Gentlemen

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