The Long Shadow

Gripping ITV drama The Long Shadow recounts the story of one of the North East’s most prolific serial murderers – the ‘Yorkshire Ripper’.

Starring Katherine Kelly and Toby Jones, The Long Shadow delves into the dark and haunting narrative of Peter Sutcliffe’s crimes, meticulously piecing together the investigation, the pursuit of justice, and the lasting impact on the victims’ families.

Director Lewis Arnold
Cast Katherine Kelly, Toby Jones, Jack Deam, Lee Ingleby, Michael McElhatton, Kris Hitchen, Jill Halfpenny
Production Company ITV
Year 2023
Filming location(s) Yorkshire & North East

TV Extras in Yorkshire!

Uni-versal Extras provided casting support ITV Mini Series The Long Shadow, with filming taking place in Leeds, West Yorkshire.

UVE Artistes may be more familiar with The Long Shadow under it’s working title of ‘Untitled NPX‘!

When watching The Long Shadow, keep your eyes peeled for…

Police, Detectives, Nannies, Neighbours, SOCOs, Pub-Goers, Cameramen, Friends, Students, Journalists, Working Girls, Wives, Passersby & more!

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I loved being an Extra on The Long Shadow; I played a university student. Also, the costumes I wore were so cool - very 1970's, and the cast and crew were all amazing!! I enjoyed every minute on set.

Sophie P. | Supporting Artiste on The Long Shadow | Uni-versal Extras

The Long Shadow

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