5 Reasons You Might Not Be Getting Cast

Posted by Indiana - 13 Jan 2022
5 Reasons You Might Not Be Getting Cast :: Uni-versal Extras


A job gets posted and you’re perfect for it. Perfect. ‘That’s me’ you’re thinking. You’ve just activated your account so excitedly click ‘Apply For This Job’ to register your interest.  

Low and behold… a few days pass and you’ve heard no more about it. You’re absolutely right – it’s frustrating. 

Whilst it can be tempting to take the loss of a particular job you had your eye on as a personal slight, we very much hope that you don’t. In fact, here are 5 things that might be at play and interfering with getting cast in your next job! 



As anyone that’s worked in the film industry will know, things can move at lightning speed. It’s because of that, that it’s no surprise that the early bird does tend to get that worm. 

If we’re reaching out, it’s because you’ve said you’re available and we think you’d be a great fit for a role – so we’ll be trying with all our might to get through to you. You can help this process along by ensuring that you list both your mobile AND your landline numbers on your profile. That means that the probability of us getting through to you has instantly increased by 100% (and you’ve got to like those odds!) 

If our casting team can’t reach you, they can’t cast you. 

TOP TIP: Make sure to save our telephone number to your mobile so that you know it’s us trying to reach you! (We’ll be the ones on 0345 009 0344!)

5 Reasons You May Not Be Getting Cast :: Uni-versal Extras



Our database will look at active and uptodate users first and foremost. That’s because we assume these people are still actively looking for work, and therefore both ready and raring to go. 

If you can, log in frequently to check that your profile is updated and a current representation of you today.  

Profile activity such as new photo uploads and measurement amendments signal to our system that you’re on the hunt for new opportunities. 

TOP TIP: Make sure that you’re set up for push notifications on the UVE Artiste App for a nudge every now and again! 



We absolutely appreciate that measurements fluctuate. That’s not only very normal; it’s not a problemso long as your profile is kept uptodate 

As costume departments have set sizes available to them, it’s crucial that your true measurements are reflected at all times. We certainly wouldn’t want you having to make it all the way into a fitting just to find out you’re ineligible! 

To be on the safe side, we recommend that you log in and review your measurements from time to time, and double-checking that you’re being accurate.    

5 Reasons You May Not Be Getting Cast :: Uni-versal Extras




On occasion, production companies don’t release the full scope of what they’re looking for. That often means that, frustratingly, you may not be quite as ideal for a brief as it first appears when you come across it. 

They can get pretty specific with regards to facial features, skillsets – even spoken languages – so please don’t be discouraged when a job that seemed ideal turned out not to be quite such a good fit. Therell be another one in the pipeline shortly! 



Whether it’s a Right to Work document or a suitable headshot, unfortunately, we’re unable to really get the ball rolling until all the correct files are in place.  

It’s only when this is all present and correct (and it’s even easier to upload these documents now this can be done directly through the UVE Artiste app) we can officially throw your name into the hat.  

Simply log in to your account on mobile and click ‘My Documents’ to make sure there is nothing missing. If you’re at all unsure, our Artist Support are on standby for any of your queries and would be happy to walk you through completing profile set-up. 

5 Reasons You May Not Be Getting Cast :: Uni-versal Extras

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