Are You Ready For Activation?

Posted by William - 26 Apr 2018
Registering as a film and TV extra is easy

When registering as a non-student film and TV extra with Uni-versal Extras, you will need to complete our simple step-by-step application process. Read on for more details.

Non-Student Activations

When you sign up with Uni-versal Extras, you are ready to be activated once you have done the following:

1. Completed the first three profile sections (‘Contact Details’, ‘Measurements’ and ‘Appearance’)
2. Uploaded two photographs that meet our criteria
3. Select your listing and make a payment
4. Uploaded suitable right to work proof documentation via your My Documents page

In addition, we advise that you complete your profile 100% as this will maximise your chances of being matched to more suitable roles. However, as long as you have completed the above steps, you can be activated.

Your Photographs 

Make sure that you upload a ‘Standard Head and Shoulders’ and a ‘Standard Full Body’ photograph in line with our guidelines which are available on the My Photos page and in our Welcome Pack. Once uploaded, select the relevant ‘Photo Type’ for each image and save the page. Our photo moderation team will then review them.

If your photographs fit our requirements you will receive an email to inform you that your photo has been approved. If your photo does not pass our moderation process first time, you will receive an email providing individual information to explain why it was not accepted – you can then rectify the issue(s), log into your profile and upload the new photo.

Your Right to Work Documents 

To work with Uni-versal Extras, you must be legally allowed to work in the UK and/or Ireland. You can upload your right to work proof documentation via your My Documents page.

The first thing you need to do is to select your ‘Status’ via the drop-down list. Once selected, you will then be provided with guidance on what document combinations you can upload to prove your right to work.

You will also then be able to see the ‘Upload New Document’ section. First, select the type of document that you want to upload using the drop-down menu; depending on the document selected you will see various entry fields, help text and sometimes even an example to guide you.

Please take care to follow our guidelines carefully and remember that our moderation team manually check your documents.

For further details on right to work, please see this blog post.

After Completing Steps 1-4

…bear with us and our team will review your application – this normally happens within 1 working day.