Boost Your Extra Profile With These Wardrobe Items

Posted by Indiana - 16 Jun 2022
Boost Your Profile With THESE Wardrobe Items! | Uni-versal Extras Blog

With lots of exciting events in the calendar, we’re looking at some of the wardrobe items you’ll be rummaging for that could also help boost your profile!

A well-rounded profile shows range and, as we cast for all sorts of roles set in past, present and future, helping production envisage you in the world that they’re building on screen can do a great job of helping you seal the deal. 

What we mean by this is that a versatile Extra is a successful one – so we want to see you wearing many a-hat. Literally. 

One day we might be looking for ball attendees in a period drama and the next we’re looking for modern-day party-goers or people pumping iron at the gym.

So with that said, here are a few events that may be in your social calendar that are great opportunities to showcase your fabulous wardrobe, as well as your range as an Artiste… 

🎾 Off to Wimbledon… 

If you’re sitting court-side this season, chances are, you’re a sports fan. 

That might even mean that you like to pick up a racket yourself from time to time.

If you do happen to find yourself reaching for the sports gear, you might want to consider getting a few photographs in the process. 

Tennis whites are just one example of a wardrobe item that will showcase your sporty side fantastically.

Similarly, football kits, martial arts uniforms, swimwear, cricket whites, or any other kind of gym wear or specialist sports apparel will all help demonstrate your ability to blend into athletic environments.  

Sportswear | Uni-versal Extras

That means that when scenes require Artistes to appear – say – in the gym, at the park, by the pool, attending a yoga retreat (etc.), we already have a fantastic example of you to submit to production.

🏇 Off to Royal Ascot or the Epsom Derby… 

Planning to enjoy a day at the races?

What a fantastic opportunity to snap yourself in your party-wear. This might include formal dresses and fascinators, a suit and tie, heels, dress gloves etc.  

Ascot is a fantastic photo opportunity at the best of times, just don’t forget to take a moment before you head out the door to stand against a blank wall and capture a full-length photo of yourself. 

Ascot Party Wear | Uni-versal Extras

Occasion-wear is a fantastic addition to your profile as it helps production mentally place you into party scenes, galas, auctions, ceremonies – slightly more formal affairs that Artistes are very often required for! 

🎩 👰🏼 Off to a Wedding?

Wedding season is in full swing, and all of a sudden we’re rummaging at the back of our closets to find our Sunday best.  

Black tie/formalwear is another staple for showcasing your versatility as an Extra – this includes tuxedos, cocktail dresses, smart shirts, suits, gowns, and culturally traditional weddingwear such as lehenga choli or sarees

Formal Wear & Wedding Wear | Uni-versal Extras

If you have these items to hand, why not add a formal wardrobe choice to your profile? 

Seeing this kind of range on your profile will help both our casters and production teams truly visualize you walking the red carpet and, all of a sudden, you’re perfect to appear at an Awards Ceremony, a ball, a gala, a movie premiere – you name it. 

⚠️ Just Remember…

It’s very important that you own the wardrobe choices that you upload to your profile.

This means if production love you in a certain ensemble, they’re able to recreate that exact look on screen by having you arrive to set with your costume ready-to-roll. 

New photo uploads then go off to our Artiste Support team for review and you will be updated on if they have met our required quality or content criteria.

If not, never fear – you can upload or delete photos as often as you want. In fact, we encourage our Supporting Artistes to regularly review and update their photos so make sure they’re as accurate as can be.  

…and great news!

You can now upload all of these, as well as update your profile directly from the UVE Artiste App.

When was the last time you updated your profile? Log into our Artiste App to find out!