Christmas Jumper Finalists

Posted by Ella Kipling - 09 Dec 2020
With Christmas casting season upon us

Last month we opened our Christmas Jumper Competition in search of the film extra with the best festive jumper! We’re pleased to announce the shortlist and now it’s your time to vote!

Let’s Get Voting!

Thank you to everyone who entered our Christmas Jumper Competition this year. We have narrowed it down to our top festive 10, and now it is time for you to cast your vote!

How to Vote:
– Simply have a look through all the entries below and decide on your favourite
– Fully active members can vote In the comments section at the bottom of the page – just add a comment with the Option # or Name of your chosen entry

All unique member comments will be counted as one vote. You are not allowed to vote for yourself!!

If you are not an active member of Uni-versal Extras yet, please complete your listing with us or alternatively head over to our Facebook, Instagram or Twitter channel where all 10 entries have been posted. Simply follow the instructions there to vote

The competition closes at 10 am Monday 14th December with the winner announced shortly thereafter!

Vote for “Option #1 Alex” in the Comments Below

Alex foe BLOG.jpg

Vote for “Option #2 Carol” in the Comments Below

Carol for BLOG.jpg

Vote for “Option #3 Charanpal” in the Comments Below

Charanpal for BLOG.jpg

Vote for “Option #4 Filiz” in the Comments Below

filiz for BLOG.jpg

Vote for “Option #5 Iain” in the Comments Below

Iain for BLOG.jpg

Vote for “Option #6 Jeanette” in the Comments Below

Jeanette for BLOG.jpg

Vote for “Option #7 Matthew” in the Comments Below

Matthew for BLOG.jpg

Vote for “Option #8 Sweta” in the Comments Below

sweta for BLOG.jpg

Vote for “Option #9 Victoria” in the Comments Below

Victoria for BLOG.jpg

Vote for “Option #10 William” in the Comments Below

William for BLOG.jpgWilliam for BLOG.jpg

Once again a massive ‘thank you’ to everyone who entered our Christmas Jumper competition this year. We at Uni-versal Extras wish you all a very happy holiday season!