The Clothes Make The Production

Posted by Amy - 26 Mar 2019
If you have ever wondered why we ask about your measurements being up to date or why do your sizes matter

As the Bard himself is often misquoted “The clothes maketh the man”, and Costumes really do make the film complete! In this post, we look at how the Costumes affect our Productions and how your measurements and photos could help you find more jobs.

The Clothes Make The Production

Costume plays such an important role in film and TV production. Whether the production is set in the past, present, future or any imaginary time or place, the Costume Department will be working with the production’s Director and Production Design Team to ensure the clothing we see on screen sets the scene. Think of any film or TV series you have watched lately and imagine how different it would be without its costumes!

Just as the clothes we each choose to wear every day, tell people about who we are, the costumes we wear on set, tell people about the characters we are.

What Does This Have To Do With My Measurements?

Everything. There are a number of ways Productions will source clothing. The Costume department may buy, rent or make the clothes for filming. This is the main reason we ask you to regularly update your profile with accurately taken measurements. As you can imagine, if a Production has spent time and money on clothing for you and it doesn’t fit, it could be a disaster. You could find yourself filming long days in very uncomfortable clothing or you could find yourself being sent home with no pay.

For videos and advice on taking your measurements, check out this blog post here.

What About My Own Clothes?

Every day you make a creative choice in selecting that day’s wardrobe. Maybe your choice is practical, best suited to the jobs you have to do that day or maybe you have selected clothes that represent you, your tastes or your culture. You clothing tells us a lot about your identity, why not share it with us by uploading some full body photos that show us who you are.

A picture of you in your business suit or decked out in your full vintage garb, could put you ahead when Production are looking at who to film with.

If Production does ask you to bring your own clothes, you could be entitled to more money so it really is worth adding any special clothing you own to your profile. That unused tuxedo in your cupboard could be earning you more money!

For help and advice on getting your looks photographed clearly, check out this blog post here!

We hope this has helped you understand a bit more about why our Booking Teams are always asking about your sizes! But if you have further questions, call us and speak to Artist Support who will be happy to help you make the most of your profile.